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Winter Essentials

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Animal Hats

These cute yet practical Animal Hats will keep your head warm as well as being a fun accessory.

Draught Buster - Draught Excluder

Keep rooms insulated and draught-free with Draught Buster.

Electric Under Blanket

Keep snug and warm all night long with the Electric Under Blanket.

Electric Under Blanket - Dual Control

Keep warm and snug on those chilly nights with the Electric Under Blanket.

Frost Watcher Heater

Ideal choice for heating smaller spaces when the temperature drops.

Halogen Heater

Heat up the room in no time with this Halogen Heater.

Heated Gloves

Keep hands warm in winter with these Heated Gloves which circulate gentle warm air around the hands and fingers.

Magnetic Car Windscreen Cover

Put an end to standing in freezing temperatures on dark mornings whilst scraping ice and snow from the car windscreen!

Quartz Heater

Keep warm and cozy this winter with this compact Quartz Heater.

Russian Cossack Hat

This simple and elegant black Ladies Russian Cossack Hat is the perfect addition to any winter outfit.

Wheat & Lavender Shoulder & Neck Pillow

The neck pillow is ideal for soothing stiffness in the shoulder and neck area