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Spider Season

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Big Bug Catcher Insect & Spider Trap

Big Bug Catcher - Trap all types of insects, bugs, fly's, wasps and spiders at arms length without the need to use harmful sprays or chemicals. Various sizes available.

From: £7.99
Bug  Buster  - Vacuum Spider Catcher

The Vacuum Spider Catcher and Bug Remover is a hand held, battery powered spider and insect trap that vacuums up spiders and insects safely at arm's length.

Crawling Insect Glueboards

Crawling Critter Traps are an ideal & quick solution for trapping spiders, insects, bugs and more in the unseen areas around the house.

Katcha Bug - Spider Catcher

The award-winning Katcha Bug Spider Catcher is the ideal & quick solution for trapping spiders at arms length.

From: £3.99
Spray Away Pests

A poison free, non-toxic and safe way to effectively deter those unwanted pests.