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Amazing Furniture Sliders

Take the hard work out of moving heavy furniture with the Amazing Furniture Sliders.

Anti Slip Mat

One of the most useful things to have around the house.

Anti-Fungal Shower Door Seal

Uniquely manufactured with anti-fungal properties to prevent discoloration and reduce mould.

Blackout Blind with Hook & Loop

A truly versatile kit which allows you to block all light in just seconds. Attaching to the window frame is so easy using the hook & loop pads included

Car Parking Mat

Make parking in tight spaces easy with this innovative car parking mat.

Carpet Grips

Keep rugs and mats firmly in place, with these specially designed Carpet Grips.

Cloth Grippers

Stop sheet riding up with these Cloth Grippers.

Compact Luggage Scales

This essential Compact Luggage Scale is ideal for weighing luggage for the holiday.

Dehumidifying Egg

Say goodbye to those musty odours and condensation problems with the Dehumidifying Egg.

Draught Buster - Draught Excluder

Keep rooms insulated and draught-free with Draught Buster.

From: £3.99
Drawer Bottom Repair Fix-A-Drawer®

Mend and strengthen sagging drawers quickly and easily with Fix-A-Drawer.

From: £1.99
Faux Sheepskin Fleece Back Pillow

Sit back and snuggle into this wonderfully comfortable Faux Sheepskin Fleece Back Pillow.


This ingenious product firmly holds draught excluders to the door so they open and close with the door.


Blocks awkward gaps behind furniture. Perfect for blocking money, documents, pens, in fact anything small enough to drop down through the gap


Stops draughts coming through key hole. Helps keep rooms warm and reduce heating bills.


The simple solution to leaking pipes! It repairs and stops leaks in seconds even without having to turn the water off.

From: £3.99

Quickly and easily fix loose or wobbly toilet seats.


This unique device means you can repair and strengthen your wardrobe in minutes, to avoid the expense of replacing with brand new ones.

Floor Protector Pads

Protect your floor surfaces from scratches and dents with the Floor Protector Pads.

Folding Step Stool

If you don't have the space to store a step ladder then this Handy Helper Folding Step Stool is ideal for you.

Folding Trolley Cart

The perfect aid for moving heavy and awkward loads without worrying about straining your back.

Galago® Double-Sided Tape

Galago® is an award-winning, easy tear (no scissors required), double-sided tape. Great for DIY projects, repairs, crafting and more!  

Glow-in-the-Dark Light Switch Surround

Glo-Switch™ charges up during the day, or under artificial light, and illuminates your switches in the dark.

Hair Snare

Save money on plumbing bills and prevent clogged drains with Hair Snare.

Lock and Block

Securely lock your door and block unwanted intruders with Lock N Block.

Magistack Magazine Filing Strips

Allows magazine collectors & subscribers to store their magazines securely in ring binders without the need to damage the magazines in any way.

Mighty Mate Door Stopper

True to its name, this handy little helper is perfect for keeping even the heaviest of doors open.

Mini Shoe Stretchers

Stretch tight fitting shoes with the Mini Shoe Stretchers.

Plant Mover

Easily move and re-locate heavy planters throughout your home; inside as well as outside.

Plug Mates

The Plug Mate is specially designed to wrap around a standard 3 pin plug plug enabling you to identify and pull out the right plug every time

Rolla-Kleena™ Paint Roller Cleaner

Rolla-Kleena™ is a clever tool which allows you to clean excess paint from your roller quickly and easily.

Roller Lint  Remover

Removes lint, hair and debris from clothes, furniture & car seats. All homes & pet owners should have one!

Rug Gripper Tape

Secure rugs, mats and runners to all floor surfaces, even carpets, without causing damage.

Step Up - Outdoor Half Step

If you or your visitors struggle with steps when entering the home then this Outdoor Half Step is the answer.

Tidy Clips™ - Paperwork Storage Clips

For neatly storing paperwork without the need for lever arch files or ring binders.

Wardrobe Dehumidifier

Keep clothes fresh and dry with the Wardrobe Dehumidifiers .