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Presents For Woman




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Animal Hats

These cute yet practical Animal Hats will keep your head warm as well as being a fun accessory.

Ankle/Wrist Weights

Wear these wrist/ankle weights to make your workout a bit tougher.

Bath Loofah Set

Looking after your skin is an important process in your daily routine, and what better way to achieve that, than with the Bath Loofah Set.

Caribina Torches

Never be in the dark again with the Caribina Torches.

Hair Drying Gloves

The microfibre Hair Drying Gloves will dry your hair at least 3 times faster than your normal towel.

Lever Arm Corkscrew Gift Set

Open a bottle of wine in only three seconds with the Deluxe Lever Arm Corkscrew Gift Set!

Manicure Set - 21 Piece

Make sure you always look your best with this stylish and elegant 21 Piece Manicure Set containing all the essential & useful beauty aids.

Mega Brite Pocket Floodlight Torch

The next generation in lighting is now available at your fingertips with our amazing Mega Brite pocket floodlight torch - the ultimate floodlight, lightweight, travelling torch.

Money Bank Puzzle Maze

A moneybox that really makes you work for your money - Money Bank Puzzle Maze.

Personalised Engraved Wooden Serving Platter

This personalised serving board, available in beautiful bamboo wood, can be used as a cheese board or chopping board and makes a truly unique gift for someone special.

Personalised Serving Platter with Engraved Slate Inlay

Our beautiful solid bamboo serving platter with engraved slate inlay is the perfect gift to impress everyone!

Pilates Gym Ball Set

The Pilates Gym Ball for All Set is a fun step-by-step workout, suitable for beginners and intermediate alike.

Russian Cossack Hat

This simple and elegant black Ladies Russian Cossack Hat is the perfect addition to any winter outfit.

Sonic Jewellery Cleaner

In minutes you can restore the original sparkle and brilliance to jewellery and precious stones and bring back lustre to gold, silver and platinum.

Wild Flower Wall Clock

The Wild Flower Wall Clock is the perfect gift for anyone who loves flowers or gardening.

Winchester Wall Clock and Weather Station

This elegant and highly decorative Winchester Wall Clock will make a stunning addition to any outdoor setting.

Wireless Luggage Finder

Keep track of luggage when travelling with the new Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder.