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Bee Kind™ - Bee Feeder

Attract Bees into your garden and support a struggling species. Colourful & robust, weather-proof construction that can either be hung or placed on a flat surface. 

Big Bug Catcher Insect & Spider Trap

Big Bug Catcher - Trap all types of insects, bugs, fly's, wasps and spiders at arms length without the need to use harmful sprays or chemicals. Various sizes available.

From: £7.99
Carrot Planters

Now you can enjoy the flavour of freshly picked, home-grown carrots! MULTI-BUY OFFER - 3 PACKS FOR THE PRICE OF 2 - MIX & MATCH*!

Glass Chess Set

This stylish and elegant two in one Glass Chess Set will make the perfect gift for any chess fan.

Green Pro Multi-Purpose Golf  Accessory Kit

Green Pro Multi-Purpose Golf Accessory Kit  is a revolutionary, world approved patent golf accessory, designed to allow golfers to retrieve their ball and repair pitchmarks whilst standing - saving their backs and the greens!

Herb Planter

Enjoy fresh herbs all year. MULTI-BUY OFFER - 3 BAGS FOR THE PRICE OF 2 - MIX & MATCH*!

Luxury Car Windscreen Cover

Put an end to standing in freezing temperatures on dark mornings whilst scraping ice and snow from the car windscreen!

Manicure Set - 21 Piece

Make sure you always look your best with this stylish and elegant 21 Piece Manicure Set containing all the essential & useful beauty aids.

Organic Indoor Pest Repellent Spray

Designed to tackle unwanted crawling & flying pests in the home, such as cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, silverfish, moths & more. Also great for use on houseplants.

Organic Outdoor Pest Repellent Spray

Tackle all kinds of flying insects in a safe and manageable way with this 100% Organic Spray. No nasty chemicals makes this perfect for use on plants & crops and is completely safe to use around children & pets.

Pilates Gym Ball Set

The Pilates Gym Ball for All Set is a fun step-by-step workout, suitable for beginners and intermediate alike.

Potato Planter

The Potato Planter is the ideal solution for people with limited outside space. MULTI-BUY OFFER - 3 BAGS FOR THE PRICE OF 2 - MIX & MATCH*!

Strawberry Planter

These Strawberry Planters are designed specifically for use on smaller patios and balconies, allotments, or in small gardens. MULTI-BUY OFFER - 3 BAGS FOR THE PRICE OF 2 - MIX & MATCH*!

Thingamadig - Multi Purpose Garden Tool

The Thingamadig is an essential gardening tool for every home.