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3 in 1 Rechargeable Portable Jumpstarter

Never be stranded again with the 3 in 1 Rechargeable Portable Jumpstarter.

7 Piece Auto Washing And Cleaning Set

Keep your cars, vans, lorries etc. clean and sparkling with the 7 Piece Auto Washing And Cleaning Set

Anti-Nausea Wristbands

Relieve the discomfort caused by motion sickness with these Anti-Nausea Wristbands.

Car Boot Liner

Protect the boot of your car from spills, oil and mud with the Car Boot Liner

Car Demister

Stop your cars windows from steaming up with the Car Demister.

Car Dog Hammock

Protect the entire backseat and foot wells of your car from spills, mud and dog hairs with this hard-wearing Car Dog Hammock.

Car Parking Mat

Make parking in tight spaces easy with this innovative car parking mat.

Car Seat Organiser

Keep your car tidy and clutter free with the Car Seat Organiser.

Car Travel Gift Set

The ideal set to keep in your car in case of those unexpected emergencies.

Car Vanity Mirror

This handy clip on Car Vanity Mirror is the perfect item for people who are always on the go.

Car Visor Extender

The Car Visor Extender is tinted but see-through to protect you from the glare of the sun or dazzling headlights.

Car Window Sun Reflector

Help to keep your car cool on those long sunny days with the Car Window Sun Reflector.

Caribina Torches

Never be in the dark again with the Caribina Torches.

Compact Luggage Scales

This essential Compact Luggage Scale is ideal for weighing luggage for the holiday.

Dash Mat

Textured non-slip Dash Mat to hold items securely in place.

Fill 'No' Spill Funnel

No more spills!

Folding Trolley Cart

The perfect aid for moving heavy and awkward loads without worrying about straining your back.

Headlight Restoration Kit

Like-new clarity in minutes - Restores, maintains and protects all types of smooth, shiny plastic & acrylic surfaces​​​​​​​.

Magnetic Car Windscreen  Cover

Put an end to standing in freezing temperatures on dark mornings whilst scraping ice and snow from the car windscreen!

Mega Brite Pocket Floodlight Torch

The next generation in lighting is now available at your fingertips with our amazing Mega Brite pocket floodlight torch - the ultimate lightweight, travelling torch.

No Fog Mitt

Keeps windshields free of damp, mist & fog for safe driving.

Sleep Alert

A must have item on all road journeys; Sleep Alert is an innovative automobile safety device, that prevents drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

Snow and Ice Grip Mats

Gain more traction for your car wheels on snow, ice, sand and mud surfaces.

Trunk Mates

The Trunk Mate is perfect for preventing shopping and goods from sliding around in the boot of your car.

Twist Pillow

This ingenious and super soft Twist Pillow can flex and bend to the ideal shape which best suits your needs.

U-Neck Pillow

The U-Neck Pillow is made from soft flexible spandex that molds to any position and filled with soft micro-beads to cushion and relax your neck & head.

Universal Hitch Cover

The Universal Hitch Cover is an ideal solution to keep the hitch on your caravan dirt & dust free in the Autumn & Winter and protect from the harmful UV rays in summer. 

Universal Wheel Cover

The Universal Wheel Cover is an ideal solution to keep the wheels on your caravan, motor home & trailer dirt & dust free in the Autumn & Winter and protect from the harmful UV rays in summer.

Wind Up 20 LED Lantern

Always be prepared with this bright and efficient 2 in 1, Wind Up 20 LED Lantern.

Wind Up 3 LED Torch

Never get caught in the dark with the efficient and bright Wind Up 3 LED Torch.

Wind Up Bike light

For easy and safe cycling in the dark, the Wind Up Bike light is the perfect choice.

Windscreen Cleaning Mop

Clean your windscreen effortlessly, without stretching or straining, with the Windscreen Cleaning Mop.