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Microwave Cookware

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Microwavable 1L Large Saucepan Set

Ideal set for any kitchen.

Microwave 4 Egg Poacher

Make perfect poached eggs every time with the microwave Egg Poacher.

Microwave Bacon Crisper

Cook crispy bacon in the microwave in minutes with the Bacon Crisper.

Microwave Bacon Crisper With Lid

Cook crispy bacon in the microwave in minutes with this Bacon Crisper with lid.

Microwave Chip Cooker

Cook ordinary oven chips to perfection in minutes with the revolutionary Microwave Chip Cooker.

Microwave Dishes

The perfect dishes for cooking & heating food quickly and efficiently in a microwave.

Microwave Egg Poacher and Omelette Maker

The ideal set for perfect eggs just how you like them.

Microwave Jug

This non-staining, polycarbonate Microwave Jug with lid makes a perfect addition in any kitchen

Microwave Jug 1.5 Litre

The durable, stain proof Microwave Jug makes a perfect addition in any kitchen.

Microwave Multi-Purpose Tray

This versatile microwave multi-purpose tray is perfect for cooking and defrosting.

Microwave Plate Cover

This Microwave Plate Cover from Easy Cook will keep your microwave free from spills and mess.

Microwave Potato Baker

For a quick and easy way to bake potatoes in the microwave use the Potato Baker.

Microwave Pressure Cooker

Cook hearty meals in minutes with the Microwave Pressure Cooker.

Microwave Rice and Vegetable Steamer

Perfect rice every time!

Microwave Saucepan

The non-stick microwave saucepan is perfect for cooking all your favourite things.

Microwave Saucepan with Lid

Ideal to cook or warm your food in minutes, this handy plastic Microwave Saucepan with lid is ideal for liquids, sauces, canned or frozen food.

Microwave Set - 4 Piece

This 4 piece microwave set includes potato baker, saucepan, egg poacher & splatter guard.

Microwave Silicone Plate Warmer

These Microwave Silicone Plate Warmers are the ideal solution for warming plates in the microwave without the plates cracking.

From: £4.99
Microwave Soup Mug

The perfect way to transport, store and eat soups, noodles and hot drinks.

Microwave Splatter Shield

This Microwave Splatter Shield not only helps to stop food drying out but helps to keep the microwave clean too.

Microwave Steam Bags

Steam cook fresh and frozen vegetables, chicken, fish etc.

From: £1.99
Microwave Steamer

Steaming is a quick and healthy way to cook food, none of the vitamins and minerals are boiled away into the cooking water.

Potato Express Microwave Bag

For quick, perfect baked potatoes in the microwave use Potato Express.