Mattress Magic Stain Remover

Mattress Magic Stain Remover
Brand: Betterkook
Product Code: BK05570
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Price: £9.99


An instant stain removal without the need for scrubbing, a no fuss product- just spray and walk away. The Mattress Magic Stain Remover is a fast acting cleaning agent that is ideal for removing organic stains from food, drink, bed wetting or even stains that have dried into the fabric of the mattress, leaving your mattress clean and fresh. It also eliminates dust mites from carpets, furniture, mattresses, bedding and other textiles.


  • Removes all types of organic stains
  • Stains just evaporate away – no scrubbing needed
  • Inhibits dust mite growth
  • Made in UK


  • 250ml


  • 366g

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