Mattress Deodoriser

Mattress Deodoriser
Brand: Betterkook
Product Code: BK05570
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Clean your mattress hygienically in minutes with the Mattress Deodoriser. Mattresses cannot be effectively washed yet we spend years of our life sleeping on them, creating odours and mites, mould, fungus and unpleasant bacteria. Just a quick spray of this professional mattress cleaner effectively kills dust mites and their eggs, destroys unpleasant odours and bacteria instantly, leaving your mattress clean and fresh smelling.


  • Kills dust mites and eggs
  • Deodorises instantly
  • Destroys germs and bacteria
  • Ideal for mattress, carpets, curtains & cuddly toys
  • Safe for animals
  • 98% bio-degradable
  • Ideal for those who suffer from asthma


  • 250ml


  • 298g

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