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Kitchen Accessories

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Anti-Burn Gloves

Originally developed for fire fighters, the Anti-Burn Gloves gives heat protection up to 350°F. They are perfect to use as oven gloves, removing hot items from cookers, grills and microwaves.

Bag Clips

Once you have used these Bag Clips you'll wonder how you managed without them.

Can Lids

Keep a lid on opened cans with these handy can lids. Pack of 6 or 12.

From: £1.99
Cast Iron Mincer

Make your own mince from prime cuts of meat with the Cast Iron Mincer.

Ceramic Frying

For a healthier alternative for low fat cooking use the Ceramic Frying Pan.

Cheese and Chutney Serving Set

Make cheese and biscuits a real feature dessert with this Cheese and Chutney Serving Set.

Defrost Tray

Defrost frozen food safely, naturally and in minutes with the Defrost Tray.

Divided Frying Pan

Ideal for cooking a breakfast for one!

Easy Multi Slicer

Quickly slice or grate fresh foods and produce in seconds with the Easy Multi Slicer

Egg Poaching Bags

For healthy, perfect water poached eggs every time.

Egg Serving Gift Set

A great little gift set for those who love eggs.

Egg Slicer

Slicing hard boiled eggs has never been so quick and easy with the Egg Slicer.

Egg Timer

Cook eggs to perfection every time with this neat and novel Egg Timer.

Electronic Add N Weigh Scales

Prepare food with precision with the Electronic Add N Weigh Scales.

Enamel Pie Dish

Make delicious mouth watering pies just like granny used to make with this Enamel Pie Dish.

From: £2.99
Enamel Roaster

Bring a nostalgic feel back to the kitchen with this classic Enamel Roaster.

Fat Trappers

Make grilling meat even healthier with the Fat Trappers.

Food Containers

Keep your food fresh in these plastic sealable set of 3 rectangular Food Containers.

Food Storage Set

Keep foods fresher for longer with this air, moisture and liquid tight, 5 Piece Storage Set.

Food Tongs

The durable stainless steel Food Tongs are an essential item in every kitchen.

From: £2.49
Food Umbrella

Protect food from insects and dust with the Food Umbrella.

Fridge Thermometer

Make sure your fridge is cold enough with the Fridge Thermometer.

Heavy Duty Oven Liner

Oven Liners are perfectly designed to catch any spills which would otherwise land on the base of your oven and become burnt on.

From: £1.99
Herb Roller Cutter

Make light workout of chopping herbs with the simple to use Herb Roller Cutter.

Hob Liners

Protect your gas hob from spills, drips and stains with these Hob Liners.

Home Made Preserving Starter Set

The perfect starter set for any budding preserving enthusiast.

Keep Food Frozen Bags

Keep cold & frozen groceries at the same temperature for up to 6 hours with these intelligent Freezer Bags.

Kitchen Dispenser

Keep cling film, foil and paper towels to hand with this handy 3 in 1 Kitchen Dispenser.

Kitchen Timer

A must-have item in every kitchen.

Knife Sharpening Steel

Keep your knifes razor sharp with this knife sharpening steel.

Lever Arm Corkscrew Gift Set

Open a bottle of wine in only three seconds with the Deluxe Lever Arm Corkscrew Gift Set!

Lid Sid

Let off some steam in the kitchen with Lid Sid.

Microwave Silicone Plate Warmer

These Microwave Silicone Plate Warmers are the ideal solution for warming plates in the microwave without the plates cracking.

From: £4.99
Mouse-Shaped Cheese Knife

Fun and quirky design, guaranteed to put a smile on any cheese (or mouse) lover's face.

Non-Stick Crisper Pan

This Non-Stick Crisper Pan is ideal for baking the perfect pizza and oven chips.

Oval Pie Dish

This traditional styled Oval Pie Dish is ideal for baking those delicious home made pies.

Oven Shelf Guards

Help protect hand and arms from nasty burns when reaching into a hot oven with the oven shelf guards.

Pan Protectors

Protect your pans from scratches with these cushioned Pan Protectors

Personalised Engraved Slate Heart Cheese Board

This beautiful personalised cheese serving board, available in stunning natural slate, makes a great gift for all cheese-lovers.

Personalised Engraved Wooden Acacia Serving Platter

This attractive acacia serving platter is the perfect canvas into which your choice of surname can be engraved.

Personalised Engraved Wooden Serving Platter

If you' re looking for something a little different to your average wooden serving boards, then this beautiful personalised bamboo serving platter could be just what you're looking for.

Pineapple Slicer

This ingenious Pineapple Slicer will peel, core and slice a fresh pineapple in just 30 seconds

Potato Chipper

Make the perfect homemade chips with this quality Potato Chipper.

Pyramid Oven Mats

For food that is light, crispy, juicy and evenly cooked use Pyramid Oven Mats.

Quarter Pounder Burger Wax Discs

The Quarter Pounder Burger Wax Discs are suitable for use with all homemade burger makers.

Reusable Oven Liners

This reusable oven liner will protect your oven from burnt on splashes and spills. It's so simple to use and keep clean. Pack of 4.

Roasting Bags

Make a perfect roast every time with the Roasting Bag.

Rubber Draining Mat

Protect both the sink and crockery from slipping, scratching, and chipping with this Rubber Draining Mat.

Rubber Sink Mat

Protect both the sink and crockery from slipping, scratching and chipping with the Rubber Sink Mat

Shelf Rack

Create extra storage space in kitchen cupboards or on the worktop with the shelf Rack.

Silicon Egg Ring

Cook a perfectly round fried egg with the Silicon Egg Ring. 

Silicone Loaf Pan

Anyone who loves baking will know using silicone bakeware is so much easier.

Silicone Muffin Tray

Make the perfect muffins with the Silicone Muffin Tray, the perfect baking companion.

Silicone Square Cake Pan

Make the perfect cake again and again with the Silicone Square Cake Pan.

Simmer Ring

Prevent liquids from boiling over with the stove top Simmer Ring.

Splatter Guard

Ideal for preventing splatters of hot food everywhere.

Stainless Steel Potato Ricer

Perfect for smooth, creamy mashed potato every time.

Three Tier Steamer

The Three Tier Steamer is a beautifully designed piece of cookware.

Twist Clips

Perfect if you struggle with the regular hinged clips, they are so easy to use; simply twist to seal.

From: £1.99
Under Shelf Storage

Creates additional storage space in your cupboards.

Universal Steamer

An essential item in cooking and promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Vegetable Storage Bags

Keep vegetables fresher for longer with these specially designed drawstring Vegetable Storage Bags.