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Indoor Pest Control

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Ant Barrier Tape

An effective barrier against ants and other creepy crawlies.

Big Bug Catcher Insect & Spider Trap

Big Bug Catcher - Trap all types of insects, bugs, fly's, wasps and spiders at arms length without the need to use harmful sprays or chemicals. Various sizes available.

From: £7.99
Bug  Buster  - Vacuum Spider Catcher

The Vacuum Spider Catcher and Bug Remover is a hand held, battery powered spider and insect trap that vacuums up spiders and insects safely at arm's length.

Cat Can Mouse Trap

Convert all your old cans into humane mouse traps with the Cat Can Mouse Trap

Crawling Insect Glueboards

Crawling Critter Traps are an ideal & quick solution for trapping spiders, insects, bugs and more in the unseen areas around the house.

Fito Sticky Stix

Get rid off those pesky pests from indoor pot plants with Fito Sticky Stix.

Flea Trap

Trap those troublesome fleas easily with The Flea Trap.

Herbal Moth Repel Sachets

Protect stored clothes from moths with these unique Herbal Moth Repel.

From: £3.99
Herbal Mouse Repel Sachets

Help keep mice out of your home with the Herbal Mouse Repel.

From: £4.99
Katcha Bug - Spider Catcher

The award-winning Katcha Bug Spider Catcher is the ideal & quick solution for trapping spiders at arms length.

From: £3.99
Magnetic Insect Door Mesh

Keep your home bug and insect free with the Magnetic Insect Door Mesh.

Organic Indoor Pest Repellent Spray

Designed to tackle unwanted crawling & flying pests in the home, such as cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, silverfish, moths & more. Also great for use on houseplants.

Protector CIK  Crawling Insect Killer Spray

For an all round effective control of crawling insects use Protector CIK Crawling Insect Killer Spray.

Rentokil Fly Papers

Use Rentokil Fly Papers for a quick ready to use way of getting rid of flies around the home.

Rentokil Fly Repellent

Protect your home from, flies, wasps, gnats, mosquitoes, moths and other flying insects with Rentokil Fly Repellent.

Rentokil Fly Trap Window Sticker

The Fly Trap Window Sticker that has been especially designed without an insecticide to attract and control fly activity in any room.

Spray Away Pests

A poison free, non-toxic and safe way to effectively deter those unwanted pests.

Sticky Cat Repeller Strips

Sticky Cat Repeller Strips stops pet cats from clawing and scratching in the home.

Wooden Mouse Traps  5 Pack

The traditional and ever-reliable wooden mouse trap - supplied as a pack of 5 for maximum coverage.