My Pink Pals - Flea Trap

My Pink Pals - Flea Trap
My Pink Pals - Flea Trap
Brand: My Pink Pals
Product Code: PE37448
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The My Pink Pals Flea Trap is the ideal product for anyone with a flea problem. This is an unique product made especially to combat fleas in hard to reach areas. Unlike othe flea traps that need mains power to light, this flea trap uses an LED battery powered light to provide a glow that is irresistible to fleas. This makes it perfect to place anywhere in your home i.e under beds, in wardrobes etc.


  • Fully portable, No wires!
  • 360 degree access
  • 24 hour a day flea protection
  • Super-sticky disc traps fleas instantly
  • Simple and easy to use


  • 8cm tall x 21.5cm diameter (3 x 8.5")


  • 200g

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