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The Best Things Direct provide a vast selection of quality and innovative Spider and Bug, with a range of traps, deterrents and killers, everything needed to defend against unwelcome home invaders.

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  • Ant Barrier Tape
    A quick and easy solution to stop ants from entering your home is Ant Barrier Tape; it acts as an effective barrier against ants and other creepy crawlies. ..(Read More)
  • Big Bug Catcher
    Remove bugs, insects, spiders and mice etc safely from inside the home without any mess or harm with the Big Bug Catcher. Its a must-have item for anyone who does not like creepy crawlies as it traps them at arms length for a quick and safe release outside...(Read More)
  • Bug Bat – Bat those bugs away!
    Practice your back hand with Bug Bat! Simply press the button and swing. The tennis styled racket will destroy flies and mosquitoes, etc. instantly on the electric powered grid...(Read More)
  • Fito Sticky Stix
    Get rid off those pesky pests from indoor pot plants with Fito Sticky Stix, the insect trap specially designed for pot plants...(Read More)
  • Flea Trap
    Trap those troublesome fleas easily with The Flea Trap. Simply place on the floor and plug it in.  The fleas are attracted to the unit and then trapped on the replaceable sticky discs, preventing them from jumping back onto your pets or onto you!..(Read More)
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  • Fly Catcher Mesh Bag
    This ultimate Fly Catcher is non toxic, easy to use and very effective. Each trap can catch up to 20,000 flies, the bait is especially appealing to female flies, thus reducing the next generation. Simply hang the fly trap away from the area you wish to protect, add water and collect the flies...(Read More)
  • Herbal Moth Repel Sachets
    Protect stored clothes from moths with the unique Herbal Moth Repel. The combined scent of the special blend of herbs and peppermint repels moths whilst leaving garments smelling fresh. Pack of 10 sachets...(Read More)
  • Katcha Bug™ - Spider Remover
    Simply a must-have item for anyone who does not like creepy crawlies! The award-winning Katcha Bug Spider Remover is the ideal & quick solution for trapping spiders, insects and more at arm's-length without mess or harm. ..(Read More)
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  • Protector C
    The original and best ready to use, water based insecticide. Protector C is a professional product with amateur use approval. Protector C has enhanced residual action with aqueous nano emulsion formulation technology making it effective against a wide range of insects...(Read More)
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  • Rentokil Fly Papers
    For an efficient, insecticide-free and odour-free method of killing flies and other flying insects use Rentokil Fly Papers. Ideal for use in any room in the home...(Read More)
  • Rentokil Fly Repellent
    Protect your home from, flies, wasps, gnats, mosquitoes, moths and other flying insects with Rentokil Fly Repellent. The controllable cassette can be used in all rooms of the house, in the garden and can also be carried when travelling...(Read More)
  • Rentokil Fly Trap Window Sticker
    Rentokil have now produced an advanced Fly Trap Window Sticker that has been especially designed without an insecticide to attract and control fly activity in any room, the home or in the greenhouse...(Read More)
  • Spider Catcher and Bug Remover
    This is the perfect choice for those of us who hate creepy crawlies. The Spider Catcher and Bug Remover is a hand held, battery powered spider and insect trap that vacuums up spiders and insects safely at arm's length for a quick release outside away from harm, without the need to touch them.       ..(Read More)
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  • Wasp and Fly Trap
    One of the most effective methods of controlling wasps and flies is with this Wasp and Fly Trap. Simply fill the base with sugared water, fruit juice or similar sugary bait to lure wasps and flies into one of the one way entry points where they will eventually become disorientated and drown in the b..(Read More)
  • Wasp Can Traps - Twin Pack
    The perfect way to tackle troublesome wasps and flies and recycle used cans, is with these Can Wasp Traps. Simply clip the Can Wasp Trap onto an old (clean) can, add a small amount of sugared water as bait, using the funnel at the centre of the trap, and place in areas where wasps and flies are a pr..(Read More)

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