The Best Things Direct provide a selection of animal friendly Pet products including cleaning solutions, feeding bowls and cat anti-scrating items

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  • Automatic Pet Food Bowl
    Perfect for pet owners who are out during the day. With the Automatic Pet Food Bowl you don’t have to worry about your pets going hungry or thirsty...(Read More)
  • Biodegradable Doggy Bags
    Specially designed for responsible dog owners, these dog waste bags are the perfect way to quickly and easily dispose of your pet's waste. Not only are they scented, but they are fully biodegradable and therefore safe for the environment too...(Read More)
  • Car Dog Hammock
    Protect the entire backseat and foot wells of your car from spills, mud and dog hairs with this hard-wearing Car Dog Hammock. With adjustable straps that attach around the headrests, the Car Dog Hammock cleverly covers the void of your backseat foot wells to protect your pet from injury in the event..(Read More)
  • Cat Scratching Post
    Give your cat hours of fun with the Cat Scratching Post!  It helps to keep your cats claws healthy and trimmed and away from your furniture...(Read More)
  • Collapsible Dog Bowl
    The Collapsible Dog Bowl is the convenient way to ensure that your canine companion is fed and watered whilst outdoors on long walks or travelling...(Read More)
  • Dog Grooming Mit
    Give your pet a good groom with the double sided Pet Grooming Mit. Use the rubber grooved surface to remove dead hair and massage your pet and then the smooth side to finish the job off by giving a good polish...(Read More)
  • Dog Safety Harness & Lead
    Keep your dogs safe in the dark with The Dog Safety Harness & Lead. The Dog Safety Harness features a fluorescent strip all the way along the strapping on the harness and the lead so that when the headlights of a vehicle beam onto the strip they reflect ultra bright so that you and your dog are visi..(Read More)
  • Flea Trap
    Trap those troublesome fleas easily with The Flea Trap. Simply place on the floor and plug it in.  The fleas are attracted to the unit and then trapped on the replaceable sticky discs, preventing them from jumping back onto your pets or onto you!..(Read More)
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  • Get Off My Garden Crystals – Cat & Dog Repeller
    Discourage cats and dogs from fouling in your garden with the Get Off My Garden scatter crystals. ..(Read More)
  • Get Off My Garden Spray
    Deter cats and dogs from fouling in your garden with the Get Off My Garden Spray. This highly effective treatment helps condition cats and dogs from both fouling and territory marking...(Read More)
  • Lint Remover
    Fed up of dog or cat hairs all over your clothes! The Lint Remover is the answer, it removes lint, hair and debris from clothes, furniture etc. All homes should have one!..(Read More)
  • Mouse Cat Scratcher
    Let your cat gets its claws into this Mouse Cat Scratcher. This rattling Mouse Cat Scratcher is the ideal toy, with its natural sisal body it promotes hours of fun as it can be hung or used on the floor. It encourages scratching on the toy not on the furniture and it uses up less space than a conven..(Read More)
  • Pet Hair Remover
    Pet hair can be a nuisance around the home and vacuuming alone does not always remove it all. The Pet Hair Remover lifts pet hair that your vacuum cleaner leaves behind, you'll be amazed at the results you get!..(Read More)
  • Pet Heating Bed
    Keep your dog or puppy as warm as toast with this clever self-heating pad. The Pet Heating Bed works by reflecting your dog's own heat energy back towards them, keeping them warm and cosy...(Read More)
  • Pet Mat
    The Dog Mat provides safe, non-slip footing when bathing your dog. It can be used inside the bath to prevent your dog from slipping and scratching the bath, or at the side of the bath to lift your dog onto when getting dry. The soft, absorbent fabric traps dripping water and the waterproof backing k..(Read More)
  • Pet Safety Flashing Bone
    The Pet Safety Flashing Bones comes ready to work. Simply attach one to your dogs collar and when your going for a walk turn the light on with the flip switch. The collar attachment will then flash and your pet will be visible from 1/2 a mile away keeping you and your pet safe...(Read More)
  • Sticky Cat Repeller Strips
    Sticky Cat Repeller Strips stops pet cats from clawing and scratching in the home by using a specially designed transparent sticky strip which will not damage your furniture or harm your pet...(Read More)
  • Training Aid Spray
    The Training Aid Spray is a household spray that when used as directed can help protect furnishings, woodwork, doors, curtains, baskets, rugs, etc from scratching and chewing...(Read More)

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