Kitchen Electricals

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  • 6 in 1 MultiChef
    The perfect small appliance in to have any kitchen. With the 6 in 1 MultiChef you can cook in any of the following ways - fry, boil, slow cook, steam, roast, grill, braise, fondue and sauté...(Read More)
  • Double Hot Plate
    A great alternative to traditional gas burners and hobs. The Double Hot Plate is ideal for cooking with a limited space and is portable so you can choose to cook anywhere you like, easy to store & easy to clean...(Read More)
  • Electric Pie Maker
    No more slaving over a hot stove! Make the perfect homemade pie in 10 minutes with the electric Pie Maker...(Read More)
  • George Forman Health Grill
    Cook Food quickly and healthily with the George Forman Health Grill. By grilling from both the top and bottom grill plates simultaneously, cooking times are more than halved, plus unwanted fat and grease is channelled away from foods as it is cooked into the drip trays provided, for a much tastier a..(Read More)
  • Halogen Oven
    Save time and energy when cooking with the Halogen Oven. The Halogen Oven is an all in cooking solution that can bake, stew, roast, toast, sear, brown, steam and much more. It cooks food three times faster than a conventional oven...(Read More)
  • Juicer
    Start juicing and enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle with the Vivo Juicer. The powerful juicer is simple and easy to use and juices whole fruits and vegetables, there’s even no need to peel them. This is the ideal way to make sure you get your 5 a day...(Read More)
  • Mini Deep Fat Fryer
    Perfect for cooking single portions, the Mini Deep Fat Fryer requires only half the oil that you would normally use, reducing the heating time dramatically. Compact and economical to use this Mini Fat Fryer features a multi-temperature control to prepare delicious fish, scampi, potato croquets, chip..(Read More)
  • Mini Oven
    The ideal addition in any kitchen, this compact, space-saving Mini Oven is the perfect size for rustling up a quick snack or cooking a meal for one..(Read More)
  • Soup Maker
    A handy device to have in any kitchen. Make homemade soup in minutes with the electric Soup Maker, perfect for healthy and convenient cooking!..(Read More)