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  • Food Storage Set - 5 Piece
    Keep foods fresher for longer with this air, moisture and liquid tight, 5 Piece Storage Set, it's a must have item in any kitchen...(Read More)
  • Food Tongs
    The durable stainless steel Food Tongs for hygienically and safely turning over and serving hot food from ovens, grills, pans, and barbecues are an essential item in any kitchen...(Read More)
  • Food Tongs - Pack of 3
    The durable stainless steel Food Tongs for hygienically and safely turning over and serving hot food from ovens, grills, pans, and barbecues are an essential item in any kitchen...(Read More)
  • Food Umbrella
    Protect all types of food and treats from dust and insects with the Food Umbrella. This convenient umbrella style cover is ideal for picnics and outdoor parties...(Read More)
  • Four Sided Box Grater with Collecting Box
    Make light work out of grating a variety of foods with the cleverly designed Four Sided Box Grater with Collecting Box, just let the food drop into the collection box and when finished just pop the lid on for storing...(Read More)
  • Four Way Pan
    Save energy, money and washing up by cooking up to 4 different kinds of vegetables, rice and pasta separately in the same pan with the Four Way Pan. The pan is non-stick and comes with removable dividers, cool touch handle and glass lid with air vent and can be used as a normal pan...(Read More)
  • Fridge Thermometer
    Check the temperature of you fridge regularly with the Fridge Thermometer. This simple little liquid crystal monitor shows when the fridge is operating at safe temperatures. When the "OK" symbol appears in the display the temperature is at 5°C or below. If the temperature rises above this then the d..(Read More)
  • Frost Free Fridge Freezer Mat
    Prevent the build-up of frost and ice with the Frost Free Fridge Freezer Mat. This wonderful creation will save you hours of time defrosting the freezer!..(Read More)
  • Gas Reducer Ring
    Avoid those little accidents with this handy Gas Reducer Ring that sits securely on stove tops to support small based items such as small pans, coffee pots and espresso makers when boiling. This item is essential for everyone with a gas hob...(Read More)
  • George Forman Health Grill
    Cook Food quickly and healthily with the George Forman Health Grill. By grilling from both the top and bottom grill plates simultaneously, cooking times are more than halved, plus unwanted fat and grease is channelled away from foods as it is cooked into the drip trays provided, for a much tastier a..(Read More)
  • Giant Cupcake Mould
    Create the biggest cupcake you have ever seen with this Giant Cupcake Moud. It's the ideal product for any baking fanatic or cupcake lover!..(Read More)
  • Glass & Ceramic Hob Scraper
    Make light work out of those burnt on food and stubborn stains with the Glass & Ceramic Hob Scraper. Simply scrape the burnt food or stains with the scraper and then wipe with your normal cleaning products.The scraper can also be used on a number of glass products to ease the removal of dirt such as..(Read More)
  • Glass Dishes
    The perfect set of Glass Dishes, use them for serving and storing food. Each dish has its own brightly coloured lid and can be used in the fridge or freezer...(Read More)
  • Halogen Oven
    Save time and energy when cooking with the Halogen Oven. The Halogen Oven is an all in cooking solution that can bake, stew, roast, toast, sear, brown, steam and much more. It cooks food three times faster than a conventional oven...(Read More)
  • Heavy Duty Oven Liner
    Oven Liners are perfectly designed to catch any spills which would otherwise land on the base of your oven and become burnt on. With this heavy-duty, non-stick liner any splashes of food can simply be rinsed away, helping to save so much time and effort. Simply remove, wash in soapy water, and repla..(Read More)
  • Herb Roller Cutter
    Make light workout of chopping herbs with the simple to use Herb Roller Cutter with stainless steel rotating blades for chopping herbs in an instant...(Read More)
  • Herb Scissors
    Make light work out of cutting and preparing home grown herbs with these Herb Scissors; the five blades all work together to finely chop all types of herb in record time...(Read More)
  • Hob Liners – 4 Pack
    Protect your gas hob from spills, drips and stains with these Hob Liners. The pack of 4 liners have outstanding non-stick properties so that even burned-on grease simply floats away in soapy water! It has never been easier to keep your hob clean...(Read More)
  • Home Made Preserving Starter Set
    The perfect starter set for any budding preserving enthusiast. Featuring an assortment of crucial preserving accessories with everything you need to get your preserving needs started, this Home Made Preserving Starter Set offers the very best in cooking what nature has provided right from the comfor..(Read More)
  • Icing Paddle
    The essential item for shaping and smoothing fondant on cakes! The Icing Paddle is brilliant for smoothing and polishing sugar paste icing to give any cake a professional finish...(Read More)

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