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  • Gel Heel Socks
    Help soothe and rejuvenate hard, dry skin and calluses, while preventing discomfort from pressure, rubbing, chafing and friction with the Gel Heel Socks.  The soft, cushioning gel area inside this open-ended heel sock provides cooling, moisturising protection...(Read More)
  • Gel Toe Crests
    Provide maximum comfort and reduce pressure on the toes and metatarsals with the Gel Toe Crests. They help to relieve pressure and pain caused by hammer, claw, and mallet toes and absorbs shock and provides even pressure distribution. They are odourless, washable and reusable. Pack contains one left..(Read More)
  • Gel Toe Separators
    Get fast relief from pain with the Gel Toe Separators. The contoured soft silicone gel toe separators give bunions and inflamed toe joints the room to relax and heal. They gently re-align the toe to stop overlapping. Wear inside shoes for all-day walking comfort...(Read More)
  • Gentleman’s Personal Trimmer/Shaver
    Keep yourself well groomed with the Gentleman’s Personal Trimmer/Shaver. The triple head rotary shaver gives a really close shave whilst the trimmer keeps your beard and moustache neatly trimmed...(Read More)
  • Hair Cutting Kit
    This 10 piece mains operated Hair Cutting Kit is all you need to give yourself a stylish haircut in the comfort of your own home. It’s easy to use and with cutting guide attachments enabling even the novice to cut with confidence...(Read More)
  • Hair Drying Gloves
    Don’t like using a hair dryer? The microfibre Hair Drying Gloves will dry your hair at least 3 times faster than your normal towel making them perfect for naturally dried hair...(Read More)
  • Hair Wrap
    Great for the sauna or the pool! The Hair Wrap is a great hair accessory that aids in drying wet hair. Just slip over wet hair, twist and loop and its there to stay...(Read More)
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  • Hands-Free Magnifier
    The Hands-Free Magnifier is ergonomically designed to offer stability when doing close up precision work. Ideal for knitting, embroidery, craft, reading small print, and much more. Hands-Free Magnifier has a neck strap, anti-slip feet and rests comfortably on the chest when in use. It also features ..(Read More)
  • Head Massager
    Help to relieve stress in minutes with the Head Massager. The Head Massager gently massages pressure points and sensitive nerves on your head, forehead and neck to remove muscle tension and tiredness as well as to improve blood circulation...(Read More)
  • Illuminated Magnifier
    This multifunctional Illuminated Magnifier is the ideal choice for close inspection work and for people with poor eyesight...(Read More)
  • Insta Height
    Instantly increase your height with the comfortable Insta Height. The five-layer, gel lifts snap together to add up to 2 extra inches to your height while improving your posture and reducing heel shock. Perfect for both men and women...(Read More)
  • Ladies Epilator
    Remove hair quickly and effectively, leaving skin silky smooth for weeks with the Ladies Epilator. It works like a magnet to remove even the shortest, finest hair painlessly from the roots even on those hard to reach and sensitive areas. It’s ideal for use on the lips, chin, cheeks, legs, toes, biki..(Read More)
  • Long Handled Nail Scissors
    Those of us who have difficulty bending, cutting toenails can be quite a challenge – these Long Handled Nail Scissors perfect for the job...(Read More)
  • Long Handled Pumice Stone
    Banish hard skin with the Long Handled Pumice Stone. Made from volcanic pumice stone, the Long-Handled Pumice Stone is perfect for reaching the sole of the foot to remove hard skin, leaving the sole of the foot smooth and soft...(Read More)
  • Magnetic Clasps
    Troubled by awkward jewellery fasteners? These ingenious Magnetic Clasps convert your irritating, difficult-to-fasten jewellery clasps into something altogether more sensible! Just clip one converter on to each end of your necklace or bracelet and you have a much-easier-to-use instant secure magneti..(Read More)
  • Magnetic Therapy Patches
    The Magnetic Therapy Patches promotes overall healing by increasing circulation & reducing inflammation, whilst aiding pain management through its impact on the nervous system. The Magnetic Therapy patches are recommended to aid the following symptoms, lack of energy, poor circulation and general il..(Read More)
  • Massage Insoles
    Gently massage the feet using reflexology pressure therapy with the Massage Insoles. They help to increase circulation, relaxation, and release of tensions. The insoles should only be worn for no longer than 2 hours a day...(Read More)
  • Mens Washbag Set
    This attractive 7 piece Mens Washbag Set includes all the essential grooming accessories; it’s great for travelling, taking to the gym and for use at home...(Read More)
  • Metatarsal Foot Cushion
    Cushion and protect the balls of the feet with the Metatarsal Foot Cushion. The cushioned silicone gel pad absorbs shock and reduces pressure on the plantar heads to help relieve pain...(Read More)
  • Mini Shoe Stretchers
    Stretch tight fitting shoes with the Mini Shoe Stretchers. These mini shoe stretchers will make tight fitting shoes wearable again. Simply adjust to the stretch you want and insert into the front of your shoes. Leave overnight and the next morning your shoes should feel as if they are custom made fo..(Read More)

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