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The Best Things Direct provide a selection of quality and innovative outdoor Maintenance & Cleaning Products both for the home and garden

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  • All Natural Blanket Weed Remover
    All Natural Blanket Weed Remover for clearing blanket weed..(Read More)
    Was: £11.99 £6.99
  • All Natural Lawn Drought Treatment
    All-Natural Lawn Drought Treatment is a concentrated preparation of naturally occurring bacteria & bio-degradable wetting agent for the maintenance of hanging baskets, tubs & lawns. Also to be used around the roots of shrubs...(Read More)
    Was: £11.99 £6.99
  • All Natural Sludge Remover
    All-Natural Pond Treatment for removing sludge from the bottom of the pond..(Read More)
    Was: £9.99 £6.99
  • All-Natural Algae Treatment
    All-Natural Pond Treatment for removing algae..(Read More)
    Was: £11.99 £6.99
  • Biotek Compost Maker
    Turn grass, garden waste and left over fruit and veg into nutrient rich compost, with Biotek Compost Maker. Simply dilute the solution into a watering can and sprinkle onto your compost heap or into your compost bin and the natural enzymes and microorganisms will accelerate the breakdown of material..(Read More)
    Was: £9.99 £6.99
  • Biotek Greenhouse Cleaner
    This Greenhouse Cleaner is so eco-friendly, it will revolutionize the way you tackle the big annual greenhouse clean up when your wash, scrub and generally give your garden greenhouse a thorough going over. The key ingredients of the Greenhouse Cleaner liquid are derived from plant extracts and as s..(Read More)
  • Bird Table Cleaner
    Safe to use around plants and wildlife, The Bird Table Cleaner is an effective way of cleaning your bird table of the unavoidable mess caused by feeding birds. Made from natural, non-toxic materials. Simply spray on the affected area and allow the natural biological agents to break down the odours a..(Read More)
  • Down Pipe Filters - 2 Pack
    These Down Pipe Filters are a must have item for any home. Quick and easy to install - simply pushes into place, they prevent leaves and other debris from clogging up the drains and down pipe openings, but lets water flow freely...(Read More)
  • Garden Composter
    Recycle all garden and kitchen waste into nutrient rich compost with the Garden Composter. The Garden Composter is an easy to store composter which doesn’t need to take up valuable garden space all year round – simply foldaway after cleaning for easy storage...(Read More)
  • Gutter Care Cleaning Brush
    Clean and clear your gutters with ease with the Gutter Care Cleaning Brush. Cleaning gutters is a chore most people hate, but our Gutter brush gives you the perfect means to clear gutters of leaves and debris quickly and easily. The flexible brush head can be angled to fit the shape of your gutter w..(Read More)
  • Gutter Mesh
    Gutters and downpipes can easily become blocked by leaves, twigs, moss and other falling debris. This can lead to damaged and leaking gutters. Avoid expensive repair bills by attaching Gutter Mesh. Gutter Mesh is easily installed using the fixing clips provided and works with all gutters up to 15cm ..(Read More)
  • Lawn Aerator Sandals
    Help keep the lawn perfectly aerated with little or no effort with Lawn Aerator Sandals. Simply slip them on over your normal footwear and whilst you are walking on the lawn, let the spikes aerate the lawn as you walk around...(Read More)
  • Multi-Purpose Ladder
    This has to be one of the most versatile ladders ever invented and every home should have one. The Multi-Purpose Ladder has 14 different locking positions and when closed it will drop into your car boot or store in a cupboard. Super-strong design and manufacture give this ladder a real quality feel ..(Read More)
  • Pond Vac
    Remove dirt and debris from your pond in minutes without having to drain away the water with the Tornado Pond Vac. This clever British invention attaches to your garden hose and the water pressure creates a whirlpool in the vacuum head which sucks up dirt and debris (know as a Venturi effect). This ..(Read More)
  • Rust Killer
    Protect all your metalwork against corrosion with Rust-Killer. The easy-to-apply, paint on formula converts rust into a protective layer that not only makes an excellent base for paint but also makes it more resistant to moisture and so protects the surface from further corrosion...(Read More)
  • Stone & Decking Cleaner
    Effectively remove moss, green film and grime from stonework, masonry and wood decking with the Stone and Decking Cleaner. This environmentally-friendly, super concentrated cleaner leaves an invisible protective barrier that protects against dirt and algae for up to 12 months keeping your stonework ..(Read More)
  • Telescopic Ladder
    The clever new alternative to conventional ladders! The Telescopic Ladder opens rung by rung to the height required giving great manoeuvrability, particularly in confined spaces. Extremely compact in storage and transport so easily fits into cupboard or car boot. The super-strong design and manufact..(Read More)
  • Telescopic Window Cleaner
    Say goodbye to those costly window cleaning bills with this Telescopic Window Cleaner, the perfect solution for getting to those hard to reach places.  It makes a difficult job easy and affordable with its lightweight aluminium telescopic pole...(Read More)

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