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  • Car Cam
    Car Cam protects you in case of accidents or road rage. The new high speed, portable DVR with quick light response and infrared night vision is ideal for recording high quality footage of traffi­c accidents to provide evidence for the police and insurance companies. Feel safe in the knowledge that y..(Read More)
  • Car CD Holder
    Store all you favourite CD’s safely in the Car CD Holder. The CD Holder slips onto the car's sun visor so it’s within easy reach, so the driver or passenger can just pull down the visor and select the disc of your choice.  It also puts the discs out of sight, reducing the risk of theft!..(Read More)
  • Car Demister
    Keep your windows clear and free of condensation with this highly absorbent Car Demister...(Read More)
  • Car Diagnostic Reader
    Get quick and easy access to diagnostic trouble codes with the Car Diagnostic Reader. With the Car Diagnostic Reader you will be able to diagnose a whole range of engine management problems instantly, erase error codes, check VIN (vehicle identification) numbers and reset engine check lights. It cou..(Read More)
  • Car Dog Hammock
    Protect the entire backseat and foot wells of your car from spills, mud and dog hairs with this hard-wearing Car Dog Hammock. With adjustable straps that attach around the headrests, the Car Dog Hammock cleverly covers the void of your backseat foot wells to protect your pet from injury in the event..(Read More)
  • Car Heater Fan
    Keep yourself warm in winter and cool in summer with this fantastic 2 in 1 Car Heater/Cooler Fan. It can assist your cars de-mister by providing warm air almost immediately...(Read More)
  • Car Seat Organiser
    Keep your car tidy and clutter free with the Car Seat Organiser. It attaches to the rear of the front seat headrest with the straps provided and has 4 storage pockets, 2 drinks holders, and 4 pen holders. This Organiser is perfect for protecting seats from dirty shoes whilst allowing young children ..(Read More)
  • Car Travel Gift Set
    The ideal set to keep in your car in case of those unexpected emergencies. The Car Travel Gift Set is perfect for the boot of a car, caravan or even camping...(Read More)
  • Car Vanity Mirror
    This handy clip on Car Vanity Mirror is the perfect item for people who are always on the go...(Read More)
  • Car Visor Extender
    This is a must have item for any car. The Car Visor Extender is tinted but see-through to protect you from the glare of the sun or dazzling headlights...(Read More)
  • Car Window Sun Reflector
    Help to keep your car cool on those long sunny days with the Car Window Sun Shade...(Read More)
  • Caribina Torches
    Never be in the dark again with the Caribina Torches. Ideal for use as a keyring, they can easily clip onto a belt. These energy saving lights will be ready to use when you require them most...(Read More)
  • Carrot Planters
    Now you can enjoy the flavour of freshly picked, home-grown carrots! The Carrot planters have sufficient depth to allow carrots to develop to a good size and are designed specifically for use on patios and balconies, or in small gardens...(Read More)
  • Casio Alarm Clock
    The perfect clock to take when travelling! The compact and stylish Casio Alarm Clock has illuminous hands and numerals so that the time can be seen in the dark...(Read More)
  • Cat Can Mouse Trap - Twin Pack
    Convert all your old cans into humane mouse traps with the Cat Can Mouse Trap. Simply clip the trap onto an old clean can and you have a humane Mouse Trap. The Cat Can Mouse Trap is a simple, yet effective solution to a common problem...(Read More)
  • Cat Repel
    Send those unwanted visitors packing from your garden with Cat Repel! Cat Repel is a great way of stopping cats fouling around the garden. Simply place around flowerbeds, vegetables patches, ponds and more for an effective but humane way of keeping out unwanted cats...(Read More)
  • Chain Link Solar Lights
    Mark out paths and driveways around the garden, with these stunning Chain Link Solar Lights. The set comprises of a pair of beautifully designed lamp posts and a pair of bollards, all linked together to create a barrier approximately 6 metres in length...(Read More)
  • Chicken House Fumer
    Treat chicken and poultry roosts against red poultry mite with Chicken House Fumer. It is an effective insecticidal fume generator, suitable for amateur use to fumigate animal and poultry housing against flying and crawling insects..(Read More)
  • Children's Animal Chair
    A fun and funky chair for the kids! This lightweight, comfortable Children's Animal Chair is perfect for playing in the garden, picnic capers or camping adventures.  ..(Read More)
  • Coir Briquettes
    The perfect alternative to peat! The Coir Briquettes can be used for raising seeds or cuttings and as a base for homemade compost as it contains all essential plant nutrients and trace elements. They re-hydrate to make approximate 9 litres of compost...(Read More)

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