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  • Herb Planter
    Grow your own herbs in this stylish, compact Herb Planter. It's specifically designed for use in small gardens, patios and balconies. Ideally try to use organic compost and seed for the very best and freshest herbs...(Read More)
  • Hexagon Timber Raised Bed
    Raised bed gardening is very popular nowadays and the quality Hexagon Timber Raised Bed provides the ideal growing conditions for fruit, vegetables and herbs, but can also be used as stylish planters for flowers. They are ideal for urban/country gardens, patios etc. and will look stunning in any set..(Read More)
  • Honey Pot Tea Light Holder
    Make a stunning outdoor light display with the Honey Pot Tea Light Holder, its perfect for parties and outdoor dining...(Read More)
  • Hug Light
    This super versatile Hug Light is the most flexible reading light ever. You can wear it, hang it, wrap it or pose it, simply point the light where you want - however you want. Use it for reading, sewing, knitting or any task where you need to use both your hands...(Read More)
  • Humane Mole trap
    Working out of sight inside the mole tunnel, the Humane Mole Trap is a kind yet effective way of removing troublesome moles from your garden. The Humane Mole Trap has 2 inward-opening doors which allow the mole to get in, but not out again. Once trapped, the mole can be disposed of in any way which ..(Read More)
  • Humane Mouse Trap
    If you want to catch those little pests but don’t like the thought of harming them, then the Humane Mouse Trap is the perfect solution to use in and around your home. Simply place bait inside the Humane Mouse Trap and this will attract the mouse to investigate. The mouse is able to push open the lig..(Read More)
  • Hydro12 Growing System
    Hydro12 Growing System is the vase that keeps plants hydrated for up to 12 months without human intervention! It’s innovative design, compared with vases which rely on a water reservoir, means that the Hydro12 Growing System allows for the cultivation of plants in full earth, indoors or outdoors, wi..(Read More)
  • In Car Dustbin
    Does your car resemble a rubbish tip? If so then you will benefit from having this handy In Car Dustbin...(Read More)
  • Inflatable Pillow
    The Inflatable Pillow is a handy accessory for camping that will provide that extra bit of luxury for a comfortable nights sleep. It has a flocked top layer to add comfort...(Read More)
  • Insulated Camping Mat
    This camping essential EVA camping mat is lightweight and easy to use with the addition of a Aluminium foil layer for added insulation. It rolls easily and has clips to keep it that way for easy transportation...(Read More)
  • Insulated Travel Mug
    Keep drinks hotter for longer with the Insulated Travel Mug. The double walled, stainless steel Travel Mug has a plastic splash proof lid and an easy grip handle with thumb rest making it the perfect choice for those of us who like a drink on the go...(Read More)
  • Junior Sleeping Bag
    The lightweight Junior Sleeping Bag is ideal for young children keen to join in on a night away camping or for sleepovers with their friends at home...(Read More)
  • Kangaroo Pocket Apron
    Gather garden waste on the go without having to bend down with the cleverly designed Kangaroo Pocket Apron. This unique apron not only protects your clothes from dirt and grime, but also protects you from nettles and thorns etc...(Read More)
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  • Lantern Bags
    Create a dramatic and stunning lighting effect for any outdoor event with these eye-catching, hand-crafted Lantern Bags. Simple and easy to use, place in the garden with the tea light supplied and watch them glow! Set of 5 + 5 tea lights...(Read More)
  • Lawn Aerator
    Lawns can become compacted which starves the roots of air and can lead to drainage problems. This Lawn Aerator is a fast and efficient way to keep your lawn aerated, it lets air, water and nutrients reach grass roots for a greener, more beautiful lawn. Its' sturdy wheels roll easily over any turf, a..(Read More)
  • Lawn Aerator Sandals
    Help keep the lawn perfectly aerated with little or no effort with Lawn Aerator Sandals. Simply slip them on over your normal footwear and whilst you are walking on the lawn, let the spikes aerate the lawn as you walk around...(Read More)
  • LED Glowstick Torch
    The multi function Glowstick Torch is the ideal torch to take out with you when out and about in the dark...(Read More)
  • LED Tent Pegs- Set Of 4
    This set of 4 LED tent pegs is ideal for low light to keep guy ropes and pegs visible and prevent stubbed toes, tripping or snagging of guylines. Simple twist on/off operation. Sometimes the simplest solution solves the biggest problem!..(Read More)
  • Leisure Binoculars
    Enjoy the sights when out and about with the Leisure Binoculars, Perfect to take on country walks, to sporting events and to the beach etc...(Read More)
  • Lightweight Long-handled Garden Shears
    Lightweight Long-Handled Shears are made from a tough aluminium alloy and because they are ultra-lightweight can be used for long periods without feeling the strain...(Read More)
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