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  •  Greena® Leaf Compost Maker
    An all-natural, unique formulation, specifically designed to target leaves, composting them down quickly and effectively into a nutrient-rich leaf mould. This is far more effective on leaves than standard compost powder, or leaf compost maker liquids, as it contains a special fungi which is only sta..(Read More)
  •  Ground Anchor
    Built for the rigors of the typical English garden, the Ground Anchor is ideal to hold sunshades, parasols, gazebos, umbrellas, rotary washing lines etc securely in place. It works best with poles of 5/8" to 1-1/4" (17-33mm) diameter. The wide spiral threads on the ground anchor ease quickly and eas..(Read More)
  • 12 Volt Air Pump
    This 12 Volt Air Pump plugs directly into any car cigarette lighter socket. Comes with various valves to fit all low pressure inflatables. It will inflate a double airbed in about a minute. Perfect for travelling, camping, caravaning as you can blow up your airbeds, paddling pools and inflatables fr..(Read More)
  • 3 in 1 Rechargeable Portable Jumpstarter
    Start your vehicle, pump up your tyres and light up things if you break down whilst out and about with the versatile 3 in 1 Rechargeable Portable Jumpstarter. With 600Amp peak power and 400Amp boost power, the Jumpstarter gives you ample power to start dead batteries and with a peak inflation of 260..(Read More)
  • 3 Shelf Camping Storage
    Quick and easy to assemble this sturdy, lightweight 3 Shelf Camping Storage is ideal for a variety of storage uses in the tent, folding camper, caravan or caravan awning or just to provide added storage when needed...(Read More)
  • 4 Person Family Tent
    The perfect tent for all those camping needs! The 4 Person Family Tent is easy to pitch, lightweight and has 2 separate sleeping compartments for added privacy...(Read More)
  • 50 LED Solar String Lights
    The attractive, strawberry shaped 50 LED Solar String Lights are ideal for creating that special magical mood for Christmas and other festive parties, porches, pergolas and just about anywhere else you can think to use them!..(Read More)
  • 7 Dial Spray Lance
    Now you can water those hard to reach places with the 7 Dial Spray Lance with its adjustable water flow and elongated hose. Also ideal for watering hanging baskets and planters around the home,..(Read More)
  • 7 Piece Auto Washing And Cleaning Set
    Keep your cars, vans, lorries etc. clean and sparkling with the 7 Piece Auto Washing And Cleaning Set. The set includes an extension pole, car cleaning brush, a trigger operated water spray water gun, hose connector and water squeegee. The kit is also ideal for cleaning high windows, paintwork, cara..(Read More)
  • 7 Piece Garden Tool Set
    Keep your garden in tip top condition with the 7 Piece Garden Tool Set. Perfect for a wide range of uses from raking soil, to planting seeds and cultivating top soil- this garden tool set really does provide a handy solution to your gardening needs!..(Read More)
  • 71 Piece Micro Irrigation Kit
    Take the hard work out of watering  balconies, hanging baskets, terraces, greenhouses, kitchen gardens, flower beds and potted plants etc with the 71 Piece Micro Irrigation Kit. The kit is easy to install and can be adapted to fit ant layout. Economical to use as it saves time and money...(Read More)
  • 8 Dial Spray Lance
    Now you can water those hard to reach places with the 8 Dial Spray Lance. With a telescopic shaft and adjustable, angled head, this lance is a very versatile and durable garden must-have...(Read More)
  • Active Ant Bait
    Attract and destroy all common ants in and around the home with the advanced bait system, Active Ant Bait. Active Ant Bait is suitable for indoor and outdoors use and should be placed wherever ants are seen. Its unique formulation, which is highly attractive to ants, is securely contained within the..(Read More)
  • Adjustable Plant Ties
    Ideal for staking and training plants, trees and shrubs and tying climbing plants to trellis etc. The Adjustable Plant Ties are fully adjustable for securing any type of plants...(Read More)
  • Agrothrin
    The versatile Agrothrin natural insecticide powder is perfect for general home and garden use. Agrothrin kills and deters many types of flying and crawling insects including bed bugs, cockroaches, flies and aphids...(Read More)
  • Air Compressor
    An invaluable accessory to have in any car, keep your tyres topped up with this powerful micro Air Compressor. Simple and easy to use, it simply plugs into the car cigarette lighter. Small and compact, it fits neatly into most glove compartments...(Read More)
  • All Natural Blanket Weed Remover
    All Natural Blanket Weed Remover for clearing blanket weed..(Read More)
    Was: £11.99 £6.99
  • All Natural Lawn Drought Treatment
    All-Natural Lawn Drought Treatment is a concentrated preparation of naturally occurring bacteria & bio-degradable wetting agent for the maintenance of hanging baskets, tubs & lawns. Also to be used around the roots of shrubs...(Read More)
    Was: £11.99 £6.99
  • All Natural Sludge Remover
    All-Natural Pond Treatment for removing sludge from the bottom of the pond..(Read More)
    Was: £9.99 £6.99
  • All Terrain Tent Pegs - pack of 4
    The All Terrain Tent Pegs are an essential item for any camper. These heavy duty pegs are ideal for hard ground and come complete with useful carry bag...(Read More)

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