Weed Clear Brush

Weed Clear Brush
Weed Clear Brush Weed Clear Brush
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This ingenious Weed Clear Brush is the perfect solution for getting rid of those unsightly, unwanted weeds from patios, paths or block paving easily and effortlessly. Get into the Cracks between paving slabs, wooden decking and more with ease.


  • Roots out weeds, moss and more
  • Dual function head with steel spike & bristles
  • Steel spike 6cm (2.5″) digs deep between the cracks to get right down to the roots and that stubborn moss
  • 3 sets of converging, tough wire bristles make light work of those unwanted weeds
  • Telescopic handle up to 1.4m (5′) (adjust to suit) helps to eliminate backache
  • Includes 2 dual function heads (1 to use & 1 spare)


  • Extends from: 86cm/34″ to 147cm/58″
  • Spike length: 6.5cm/2.5″


  • 416g

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