House and Home Essentials

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  • Corner Plate Rack
    Organise plates and get the most out of your kitchen storage space with the Corner Plate Rack. The Plate Rack holds a variety of different sized plates and dishes. It fits nicely into a corner and stays out of the way but keeps those plates easily to hand...(Read More)
  • Cupcake Corer
    This easy to use Cupcake Corer makes perfect holes for filling cupcakes with your own delicious fillings...(Read More)
  • Cupcake Decorating Pen
    Decorate and personalize your cakes artfully with the Cupcake Decorating Pen. The pen makes it as easy as writing, no spills or smears. It’s the practical, fun way to create delicious looking baked treats for all occasions...(Read More)
  • Cupcake Set
    Bring a touch of style and fun to the party table by decorating and displaying those delicious cupcakes at their best with this enchanting Cupcake Set. The table centre-piece features silver-coated wire spirals twisted into a stylish tower design with 4 tiers. The display securely holds each cupcake..(Read More)
  • Cupcake Stand
    Show off your homemade cupcake creations in one of these beautifully designed swirly Cupcake Stands; it will make the perfect centre-piece for any occasion and is sure to impress your guests...(Read More)
  • Dancing Speakers
    See your favourite songs come alive with the Dancing Speakers. Create a stunning visual display of both water and light, the multi-coloured water jets dance to every beat whilst the 4 multi-coloured LEDs create an incredible light show...(Read More)
  • Data Charging Cable for IPhones
    Connect your iPhone, iPod etc to the computer/laptop for easy transferring of music, pictures, and phone numbers with the Sync Data Charging Cable...(Read More)
  • Defrost Tray
    Defrost frozen food safely, naturally and in minutes with the Defrost Tray. The secret is the super conductive metal the tray is made from. It absorbs natural heat and energy in the air and then releases it directly into the food, resulting in deliciously moist food full of natural juices for maximu..(Read More)
  • Dehumidifying Egg
    Say goodbye to those musty odours and condensation problems with the Dehumidifying Egg.This ornamental egg is designed to reduce air moisture content in enclosed areas. Using its advanced capillary ceramic technology, moisture is absorbed and then retained by special silica granules inside the egg. ..(Read More)
  • Desktop Ironing Board
    The lightweight and compact Desktop Ironing Board is the perfect choice for anyone who is short of space or find those big bulky ironing boards too heavy and cumbersome to use...(Read More)
  • Desktop Weather Station Alarm Clock
    Always be one step ahead of the weather with this smart, nifty Desktop Weather Station Alarm Clock...(Read More)
  • Digital Multimeter
    The Digital multimeter circuit tester is the perfect choice for accurate measuring of AC/DC voltage and currents, resistance and continuity. Every home should have one...(Read More)