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  • Active Floor Cleaner
    Make light work of cleaning those floors with the 3 in 1system Active Floor Cleaner. Get those floors sparkling clean in no time!..(Read More)
  • Agrodust
    Inundated with bugs? if so get rid of them with Agrodust. It can be used for long term control of insects in inaccessible or confined spaces such as in floor voids and electrical circuit boxes that are rarely opened. Agrodust is not suitable for outdoor use or open areas where air movement may sprea..(Read More)
  • Alarm Clock and Weather Station
    Always be one step ahead of the weather with this smart, nifty Deluxe Alarm Clock and Weather Station. Its attractive, stylish design will look stunning in any room in the house...(Read More)
  • Amazing Sliders
    Who would have ever thought that moving heavy furniture & more could be such an effortless task? Amazing Sliders simply slide heavy objects across the floor & makes moving heavy items so easy!..(Read More)
  • Ant Barrier Tape
    A quick and easy solution to stop ants from entering your home is Ant Barrier Tape; it acts as an effective barrier against ants and other creepy crawlies. ..(Read More)
  • Anti Slip Mat
    One of the most useful things to have around the house is the Anti-Slip Mat, the non-slip, cushioning elements make it the perfect tool for the job and its uses are endless...(Read More)
  • Anti-Burn Gloves
    Originally developed for fire fighters, the Anti-Burn Gloves gives heat protection up to 350°F. They are perfect to use as oven gloves, removing hot items from cookers, grills and microwaves...(Read More)
  • Anti-Fatigue Mat
    Help to eliminate back and leg ache when standing doing the ironing, washing up etc. with the Anti-Fatigue Mat. The Anti-Fatigue Mats work by cushioning the pressure points on your feet making even the hardest of floors more comfortable and warmer to stand on for longer periods...(Read More)
  • Anti-Fungal Shower Door Seal
    Uniquely manufactured with anti-fungal properties to prevent discolouration..(Read More)
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  • Apple Corer and Peeler
    Peel, core and slice apples with the Deluxe Apple Corer and Peeler. Simply attach the apples and turn the handle and the Deluxe Apple Corer and Peeler will perform the three tasks in one easy movement quickly and without the risk of cutting your fingers. Ideal for use when cooking pies, jams, chutne..(Read More)
  • Apple Corer and Wedger
    Core and slice apples in one easy motion and in seconds with the Apple Corer and Wedger from Kitchen Craft. Whether you’re making a pie, chopping for chutney and sauces or just rustling up a snack the Apple Corer and Wedger is perfect in any kitchen...(Read More)
  • Aquamag Plus
    Limescale clogs up your kettle, shower, dishwasher, pipework and central heating system, reducing their efficiency and lifespan. Banish limescale with the Aquamag Plus and save money on heating and maintenance costs. Aquamag-Plus costs less than £4 per year to run and solves this problem by using hi..(Read More)