Gold Cleaning Mitt

Gold Cleaning Mitt
Brand: Home Mate
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The Gold Cleaning Mitt is a great way to keep your gold items looking like new. Impregnated with a cleaning, polishing and anti-tarnishing agent, the Gold Cleaning Mitt is quick and easy to use, keeping your gold items shining and tarnish free. Simply pop the Mitt onto your hand and you can comfortably clean your gold jewellery and other gold items such as cutlery, ornaments and collectable items of sentimental value.

As the Gold Cleaning Mitt covers all your fingers while you clean, you can obtain a brilliant polish without leaving annoying fingerprints on the parts you have just polished. To prolong the life of your Gold Cleaning Mitt, do not wash or launder your mitts, and keep in a plastic bag when not in use.


  • Removes tarnish from gold items
  • Helps prevent against future tarnishing
  • Only takes a few seconds to use
  • Keeps gold items shining like new
  • Impregnated with a cleaning, polishing and anti-tarnishing agent
  • Preserve the life of your cherished gold items


  • 25 x 20 cm (9.75 x 8”)


  • 20g

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