Disc Cleaner

Disc Cleaner
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Bring your damaged media discs back to life with the Disc Cleaner. This handy repair kit can clean those discs and repair minor scratches that can cause drop-outs and skipping.


  • Removes dirt, dust and other contaminants from CD's & DVD’s etc without scratching
  • Suitable for CD, DVD
  • A protective film coating is left behind after cleaning which makes the disc less sensitive to fingerprints and dust particles (anti-static effect)
  • Contains special anti-static cleaning fluid
  • Included spray & carousel
  • No batteries needed
  • Permanent fix
  • Simple & easy to use


  • Spray 40ml
  • Carousel 3 x 13cm (1.3 x 5.12)


  • Spray 41g
  • Carousel 62g

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