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  • Active Floor Cleaner
    Make light work of cleaning those floors with the 3 in 1system Active Floor Cleaner. Get those floors sparkling clean in no time!..(Read More)
  • Automatic Soap Dispenser
    Suitable for all liquid soaps, the Automatic Soap Dispenser makes washing your hands easier and more hygienic than traditional pump soaps. The built-in sensor detects when your hand is in place so you don’t need to touch the unit with dirty hands. It automatically dispenses the correct amount of soa..(Read More)
  • Bath & Tile Cleaner
    Clean your tiles quick and easily with the Bath and Tile Cleaner. The extra-long adjustable handle extends from 61cm up to 98cm, so you can get to difficult-to-reach corners without having to over-stretch. Flexible head means the cleaner always stays in full contact with the tiles..(Read More)
  • Blind Cleaner
    The perfect tool for one of those jobs we hate and keep putting off. The clever Blind Cleaner is quick and easy to use on both horizontal and vertical blinds with no cleaning sprays or polishes necessary, the dust just simply clings to it. Use dry to dust and wet to clean...(Read More)
  • Brass and Copper Polish
    Clean, polish and protect your brass and copper items with The Brass and Copper Polish. It does an excellent job in removing tarnish from all brass and copper, whilst also protecting the metal from further corrosion...(Read More)
  • Carpet Sweeper
    The perfect answer to a quick sweep without having to drag out the vacuum! Compact and lightweight, the Carpet Sweeper has an efficient rotating sweeping brush and the added benefit of easy-glide wheels. Also, no trailing cables makes the Carpet Sweeper a much easier and safer option to use and at l..(Read More)
  • Disc Cleaner
    Bring your damaged media discs back to life with the Disc Cleaner. This handy repair kit can clean those discs and repair minor scratches that can cause drop-outs and skipping...(Read More)
  • Foaming Glass Cleaner
    Clean glass with ease to a beautiful, streak-free finish, with Foaming Glass Cleaner. Suitable for use on all mirrors and glass, the Foaming Glass Cleaner is brilliantly easy to use. You’ll be looking for glass to clean!..(Read More)
  • Furniture Cream
    Rejuvenate all wood surfaces for a long lasting natural appearance with this Furniture Cream. The rich, concentrated formula has been used by the finest furniture restorers and antique experts for many years, with only the best results...(Read More)
  • Glass & Ceramic Hob Scraper
    Make light work out of those burnt on food and stubborn stains with the Glass & Ceramic Hob Scraper. Simply scrape the burnt food or stains with the scraper and then wipe with your normal cleaning products.The scraper can also be used on a number of glass products to ease the removal of dirt such as..(Read More)

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