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  • Hob Liners – 4 Pack
    Protect your gas hob from spills, drips and stains with these Hob Liners. The pack of 4 liners have outstanding non-stick properties so that even burned-on grease simply floats away in soapy water! It has never been easier to keep your hob clean...(Read More)
  • Home Made Preserving Starter Set
    The perfect starter set for any budding preserving enthusiast. Featuring an assortment of crucial preserving accessories with everything you need to get your preserving needs started, this Home Made Preserving Starter Set offers the very best in cooking what nature has provided right from the comfor..(Read More)
  • Icing Paddle
    The essential item for shaping and smoothing fondant on cakes! The Icing Paddle is brilliant for smoothing and polishing sugar paste icing to give any cake a professional finish...(Read More)
  • Icing Starter Set
    A great starter set for those who have yet to become an avid 'piper'. The Icing Starter Set contains six of the essential icing nozzle shapes, a coupler for easy nozzle changing and a reusable icing bag, there is everything to encourage and produce impressive icing decoration...(Read More)
  • Instant Thaw
    Instantly defrost your freezer the easy way with Instant Thaw. Specially developed to tackle refrigerators and deep freezers, spray on Instant Thaw not only rapidly de-ices, but the anti-bacterial formula also helps prevent the spread of germs and unpleasant smells...(Read More)
  • Jar & Can Opening Set
    The ideal solution for opening all those stubborn jars and cans. This Jarkey Set comprises a tin opener, jarkey and ring pull. The jarkey will open those stubborn jar lids by simply placing the ring of the key over the lid and lifting the handle to release the pressure allowing the lid to be removed..(Read More)
  • Jar Gripper
    Take the strain out of opening those tough jar lids with this handy Jar Gripper. It can loosen even the tightest lids with minimal effort. Easy to use, washable and durable, this cone shaped rubber molded gripper is ideal for use all day every day...(Read More)
  • Juicer
    Start juicing and enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle with the Vivo Juicer. The powerful juicer is simple and easy to use and juices whole fruits and vegetables, there’s even no need to peel them. This is the ideal way to make sure you get your 5 a day...(Read More)
  • Keep Food Frozen™
    Keep your cold & frozen groceries at the same temperature for up to 6 hours with these intelligent Freezer Bags Uniquely designed with Freeze-Lok™ technology to keep the contents insulated and below -5°C..(Read More)
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  • Kitchen Dispenser
    Keep cling film, foil and paper towels to hand with this handy 3 in 1 Kitchen Dispenser. The sliding cutters for the foil and cling film ensures less wastage, neat edges and leaves the ends easy to grip for the next use...(Read More)

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