Easy Stepper

Easy Stepper
Easy Stepper
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Ideal for those who experience difficulty standing for prolonged periods of time, the Easy Stepper aids with exercise, blood circulation and blood pressure, without having to stand at all. From the comfort of your armchair, you can easily keep your blood circulating without the need to over exert yourself. Consisting of two air compartments connected by a thin valve, the Easy Stepper exerciser is simply placed beneath your feet and the simple action of pushing air from one compartment to another is enough to exercise your calf muscles and improve on overall blood circulation.


  • A great way of exercising the legs and lower body without having to leave the comfort of a chair
  • Perfect for use on long haul flights or for those who sit for prolonged periods of time
  • Promotes proper blood circulation and helps to reduce high blood pressure
  • Easy to set up and put away - folds down flat for easy storage
  • Exercises the calf muscles and the lower body


  • 10 x 40 x 20cm (4" x 16.75" x 8")


  • 50g

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