Steam Inhaler with HeadEze

Steam Inhaler with HeadEze
Steam Inhaler with HeadEze
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Help ease the discomfort of tension headaches, migraines and other similar ailments with the safe and easy-to-use Steam Inhaler with HeadEze. HeadEze is the perfect mix of 4 essential oils and provides a warm moody scent, perfect for promoting calm and reducing stress.


  • For safe & effective steam inhalation
  • Simple & easy to use - part-fill the insulated container with steaming water & breathe through the mask
  • Great for sufferers of headaches, migraines, calming & soothing tired & anxious minds
  • Essential oils included in HeadEze comprise of Lavender – renowned for relieving muscular tension and lifting low moods, a refreshing note to a tired mind
    Peppermint – has warming and stimulating properties and can help cool feverish conditions. Also perfect for refreshing the spirit and stimulating mental agility. Peppermint blends particularly well with Lavender as within most headache drugs you will find an effective combination of sedative and stimulant
    Pine – reputed to ease muscular tension and may improve circulation, thus relieving mental stress and anxiety
    Geranium – helps to balance mood, lift spirits and ease nervous tension. Also believed to release negative emotions and memories
  • With a non-slip base and two handles to aid use and prevent spillage


  • 10ml
  • Inhaler 16.5 x 16 x 7cm (6.5 x 6.3 x 2.8")


  • 40g
  • Inhaler 72g

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