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Grampa's Weeder Gardening Tool

Grampa's Weeder Easy Gardening Weed Tool 110cm £14.99
Grampa's Weeder Easy Gardening Weed Tool 110cm £14.99
Grampa's Weeder Easy Gardening Weed Tool 110cm £14.99
Grampa's Weeder Easy Gardening Weed Tool 110cm £14.99
Grampa's Weeder Easy Gardening Weed Tool 110cm £14.99

Grampa's Weeder Gardening Tool

£14.99 RRP: £24.99
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Grampa's Weeder, 110cm Easy to use, garden weed puller. Removes weeds with the root. No bending or kneeling required. Ideal tool for all gardeners. Disability friendly.

Grampas pride and joy was his weed puller! A simple lever (and a sore back) was his inspiration for inventing this unique tool 100 years ago in Seattle, USA. For decades it was very popular in the Northwest of America because its simple ingenious design allowed gardeners young and old, to easily pull out weeds and their roots without bending, pulling or kneeling! All you do is centre over a weed, press into the ground and lean, its as easy as that.

Manufacturing of the tool stopped during World War II, due to a shortage of materials, but now 60 years later we are re-introducing this wonderful effortless weeder to gardeners everywhere! Grampas Weeders simplicity, effortless, craftsmanship, and good old-fashioned appeal had made this tool a huge success once again!


  • Simple lever action
  • Durable construction
  • Extracts weeds and roots together with just a step of the foot and a tilt of the handle


  • 110cm (43.5) Full Length
  • 15cm (6) Foot Plate Length
  • 7cm (3) Prong Length


  • 1.061kg
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Jamie -
Excellent the best tool yet for getting out weeds without bending down. Would recommend this to anyone who finds weeding difficult.
Babs -
Amazing product! so easy to use and very effective. I wish that they had been available to buy years ago as the weeder takes little effort to use, but produces great results. Very sturdy, the "weeder" is made from cast iron so won't rust
Ron -
Bought this together with "Grampa's do it all. Well made and great for getting weeds out.
sue c -
So easy to use. Had a few dandelion weeds in the garden - and this just got rid of them soooo easily!! Love it!!
Mary Lewis -
This is a very good product, its very strong and the handle is long enough for you to remove the weeds without too much bending, does what it says and saves a lot of time on you hands and knees.
D Tompkins -
this tool was so well made and should last a long time.It saves a lot of back breaking work as there are a glut of dandy lion weeds about a good tip is have a container to put the weeds straight in it .a well worth tool
D Cavell - Pembrokeshire
Have search for a weeder and came across this one it is absolutely brilliant so strongly made and does the job perfectly, also half the price of other we have looked at. You won't be disappointed using this so easy to use we have a lot of weeds (well did have) would recommend