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  • Cupcake Set
    Bring a touch of style and fun to the party table by decorating and displaying those delicious cupcakes at their best with this enchanting Cupcake Set. The table centre-piece features silver-coated wire spirals twisted into a stylish tower design with 4 tiers. The display securely holds each cupcake..(Read More)
  • Dali Melting Clock
    Adorn your home with this unusual, artistic Dali Melting Clock.This Melting Clock is inspired by Dali's 1931 masterpiece 'The Persistence of Memory' and looks as if it's simply melting right off the shelf!..(Read More)
  • Dancing Speakers
    See your favourite songs come alive with the Dancing Speakers. Create a stunning visual display of both water and light, the multi-coloured water jets dance to every beat whilst the 4 multi-coloured LEDs create an incredible light show...(Read More)
  • Decorative Plant Stand
    Decorative Stand for displaying plants with pots up to 9” diameter..(Read More)
  • Desktop Weather Station Alarm Clock
    Always be one step ahead of the weather with this smart, nifty Desktop Weather Station Alarm Clock...(Read More)
  • Diamond Dust Nail File
    Once you have used this Diamond Dust Nail File you’ll never want to use any other. This long lasting flexible file is embedded with diamond dust and is ideal for shaping and maintaining perfect nails. Simply wash clean with soap and water to keep it looking like new. It can also be used to smooth aw..(Read More)
  • Double Inflatable Chair
    The Inflatable Chair is ideal for camping trips, designed to pack down into a small size for easy storage at home or in the car, this Inflatable Chair offers a comfortable sitting position and has a flocked finish to the top for added comfort. ..(Read More)
  • Dr Who 50th Anniversary DVD Board Game
    A fantastic board game to commemorate 50 years of the cult BBC classic Dr Who – experience all the action with clips from the epic TV Series! Journey through space and time with all 11 Doctors and companions and confront the most fearsome monsters. Fun for all the family – the aim of the game is to ..(Read More)
  • Dumbbell Alarm Clock
    Get up and shape up every morning with the Dumbbell Alarm Clock! If you love working out or know someone who does, then this is the perfect gift to buy!..(Read More)
  • Dynamo Animal Torches
    These fun and functional Dynamo Animal Torches are perfect gifts for children and animal fans. They are sturdy, lightweight and don't require batteries so let your kids light the way all day long...(Read More)
  • Earring Storage Caddy
    Store and organise all your earrings in the folding Earring Storage Caddy. The handy caddy allows you to see at a glance what pair of earring you will want to wear. The concertina-style screen can be neatly arranged on any dressing table or folded flat to stow away in a drawer...(Read More)
  • Egg Serving Gift Set
    A great little gift set for those who either love eggs or would love their very own mini breakfast set. The Egg Serving Gift Set Includes a ceramic plate with a shaped egg cup section, a damask patterned cotton egg cosy, a brushed stainless steel egg spoon and a mini stainless steel salt shaker. Thi..(Read More)

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