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  • 3 in 1 Rechargeable Portable Jumpstarter
    Start your vehicle, pump up your tyres and light up things if you break down whilst out and about with the versatile 3 in 1 Rechargeable Portable Jumpstarter. With 600Amp peak power and 400Amp boost power, the Jumpstarter gives you ample power to start dead batteries and with a peak inflation of 260..(Read More)
  • 7 Piece Auto Washing And Cleaning Set
    Keep your cars, vans, lorries etc. clean and sparkling with the 7 Piece Auto Washing And Cleaning Set. The set includes an extension pole, car cleaning brush, a trigger operated water spray water gun, hose connector and water squeegee. The kit is also ideal for cleaning high windows, paintwork, cara..(Read More)
  • Air Compressor
    An invaluable accessory to have in any car, keep your tyres topped up with this powerful micro Air Compressor. Simple and easy to use, it simply plugs into the car cigarette lighter. Small and compact, it fits neatly into most glove compartments...(Read More)
  • Anti-Nausea Wristbands
    Millions of us suffer from travel sickness caused by the motion of aircraft, trains, cars and boats, making trips abroad a nightmare. Relieve the discomfort caused by motion sickness with these Anti-Nausea Wristbands...(Read More)
  • Bicycle Puncture Repair Kit
    Dealing with a flat tyre couldn’t be easier with the Bicycle Puncture Repair Kit. It has everything you need to mend a puncture...(Read More)
  • Car Boot Liner
    Protect the boot of your car from spills, oil and mud; in fact any mess with this strong and durable Car Boot Liner. It's ideal for transporting garden rubbish, plants, tools and much more...(Read More)
  • Car Cam
    Car Cam protects you in case of accidents or road rage. The new high speed, portable DVR with quick light response and infrared night vision is ideal for recording high quality footage of traffi­c accidents to provide evidence for the police and insurance companies. Feel safe in the knowledge that y..(Read More)
  • Car CD Holder
    Store all you favourite CD’s safely in the Car CD Holder. The CD Holder slips onto the car's sun visor so it’s within easy reach, so the driver or passenger can just pull down the visor and select the disc of your choice.  It also puts the discs out of sight, reducing the risk of theft!..(Read More)
  • Car Demister
    Keep your windows clear and free of condensation with this highly absorbent Car Demister...(Read More)
  • Car Diagnostic Reader
    Get quick and easy access to diagnostic trouble codes with the Car Diagnostic Reader. With the Car Diagnostic Reader you will be able to diagnose a whole range of engine management problems instantly, erase error codes, check VIN (vehicle identification) numbers and reset engine check lights. It cou..(Read More)

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