Cyclaire Inflator

Cyclaire Inflator
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Blow up all those inflatables with The Cyclaire Inflator! Compact, portable and easy to use, the Cyclaire Inflator gets the job done really fast. Originally designed as an air bed pump, it can be used to inflate air beds, paddling pools, lilos, beach balls and many other inflatable items.

By using the patented Cyclaire technology in a slightly different way, the Cyclaire Inflator pumps massive volumes of air quickly. By attaching it in reverse, it makes deflating things quick and easy too.

The Cyclaire Inflator does not need batteries or electricity, you simply pull the handle. It's easy to get the Cyclaire Inflator running quickly – much quicker than most electric pumps which are designed for the same job: a Cyclaire Inflator really will inflate an air bed in about a minute.

As it doesn’t have a motor or batteries, its very light, portable and will not harm the environment. A selection of nozzles is provided to enable the Cyclaire Inflator to be used with most inflatables and we designed it with outdoor use in mind: you can even use it on the beach with no worries about sand clogging up the mechanism


  • The Cyclaire Inflator can pump up to 560 litres per minute – this is up to 8 times faster than conventional pumps!
  • Can fill an air bed in about a minute
  • Cyclaire pull cord technology for ease of use
  • Includes full range of nozzles
  • Includes sand–cap and filter for beach & outdoor use
  • Needs no batteries or electricity, its green and portable
  • Deflates as well as inflates


  • 18 x 11.5 x 9cm / 7 x 4.5 x 3.5″


  • 463g

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