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71 Piece Micro Irrigation Kit

Take the hard work out of watering  balconies, hanging baskets, terraces, greenhouses, kitchen gardens, flower beds and potted plants etc with the 71 Piece Micro Irrigation Kit.

All Natural  Pond Algae Treatment

Get rid of unsightly green algae without the use of chemicals with this All Natural Algae Treatment. *MULTIBUY OFFER - Buy Any 2 Bottle of All-Natural Pond Treatments & Save £2!*

All Natural Blanket Weed Remover

Clear blanket weed from ponds with the All Natural Blanket Weed Remover. *MULTIBUY OFFER - Buy Any 2 Bottle of All-Natural Pond Treatments & Save £2!*

All Natural Lawn Drought Treatment

All-Natural Lawn Drought Treatment is a concentrated preparation of naturally occurring bacteria & bio-degradable wetting agent for the maintenance of hanging baskets, tubs & lawns.

All Natural Pond Sludge Remover

Remove sludge safely from the bottom of a pond with the All Natural Sludge Remover. MULTIBUY OFFER - Buy Any 2 Bottle of All-Natural Pond Treatments & Save £2!*

Children's Animal Chair

This lightweight, comfortable Children's Animal Chair is perfect for playing in the garden, picnic capers or camping adventures.

Coir Briquettes

These Coir Briquettes are 100% natural and are a perfect alternative to peat!

From: £9.99
Decorative Plant Stand

Add height to patio displays and make a feature of your favourite plants.

From: £5.99
Drip Tray

Reduce the amount of water wasted when watering house plants with this innovative Drip Tray.

Easy Watering Patio Kit

Make watering your plants easier with the Easy Watering Patio Kit

Firm Fix - Set of 3

These cane supports provide a rigid structure which will support canes or growing frames and are ideal for use with growbags.

Garden Kneeler & Seat

Take the strain out of daily tasks in the garden with this versatile Garden Kneeler which quickly converts into a handy seat. Also features 2 removable tool holders to ensure you have everything you need close to hand.

Garden Tap Jacket

Prevent your outside tap from freezing and bursting with the durable, thermal insulating Garden Tap Jacket.

Greena® Compost Maker

Turn grass, garden waste and left over fruit and veg into nutrient rich compost, with Greena® Compost Maker.

Greena® Garden Potting Bench

This high-quality timber Potting Bench is perfect for potting and tending to seedlings, plus many other gardening tasks, at a comfortable height​​​​​​​.

From: £124.99
Greena® Garden Tiles

Create an instant weatherproof non-slip path, walkway or patio in minutes with the Greena® Garden Tiles.

Greena® Leaf Compost Maker

An all-natural, unique formulation, specifically designed to target leaves, composting them down quickly and effectively into a nutrient-rich leaf mould.

Greenhouse Shading

A simple & cost-effective way of providing shade and reducing temperatures inside the greenhouse.

From: £6.99

Eliminate tussling with that tangled up hose pipe with Hang-a-Hose.

Hanging Tool Rack

Keep all your tools neat & tidy with this sturdy tool rack - ideal for use in garages, sheds, utility rooms & cloakrooms.

From: £9.99
Long Hanging Flower Planters

Create wonderful flower displays & more with these heavy-duty Hanging Planters.

From: £5.99
Outdoor Non-Slip Rubber Safety Mat

A great way to cut down the risk of slips and falls around the home is with the Outdoor Non-Slip Rubber Safety Mat.

From: £4.99
Parasol Cover

Protect your parasol from the elements all year round.

Plant Mover

Easily move and re-locate heavy planters throughout your home; inside as well as outside.

Potato Planter

The Potato Planter is the ideal solution for people with limited outside space. MULTI-BUY OFFER - 3 BAGS FOR THE PRICE OF 2 - MIX & MATCH*!

Rotary Line Cover

Rotary Line Cover made from tough, UV stabilized polyethylene.

Round Patio Set Covers

Protect and prolong the life of your garden furniture.

From: £5.99
Speed Feed™ - Complete Watering System

An amazingly simple and completely effective way of delivering exactly the right amount of food and water to your growing plants, straight to the roots.

From: £4.99
Stacking Chair Cover

Help to protect your furniture from rain, snow, wind and sun.

Step Up - Outdoor Half Step

If you or your visitors struggle with steps when entering the home then this Outdoor Half Step is the answer.

Stone-Effect Garden Edging

Keep lawns and flower beds neatly separated with this attractive lawn edging. MULTIBUY OFFER - Add 3 to cart and only pay for 2!

Strawberry Planter

These Strawberry Planters are designed specifically for use on smaller patios and balconies, allotments, or in small gardens. MULTI-BUY OFFER - 3 BAGS FOR THE PRICE OF 2 - MIX & MATCH*!

Swing Hammock Cover

Keep your Swing Hammock protected from rain, snow, wind and sun.

Timber Tree Tubs

Tree Tubs are the ideal solution for planting trees where you have no access to arable land. 

From: £23.95
Toppling Tomato Planter

Grow your own tomatoes in the stylish Toppling Tomato Planter. Its perfect for gardeners who want to grow tomatoes in a limited space.

Watering Can - 3 Litre

This lightweight and durable plastic 3 Litre Watering Can is the perfect addition to any gardener who has limited stotage space.