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Foot Care

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Bunion Correctors

Relieve discomfort and prevent the strain which causes bunions when using Bunion Correctors.

Gel Toe Protectors

Protect and cushion your toes against pain, rubbing and chafing.

Insta Height

The five-layer, gel lifts snap together to add up to 2 extra inches to your height while improving your posture and reducing heel shock.

Long Handled Nail Scissors

Ease the challenge of cutting toe nails with these Long Handled Nail Scissors.

Massage Insoles

Massage the feet using reflexology pressure therapy to help to increase circulation, relaxation, and release of tensions.

Non-Slip Loofah Shower Mat

Increase safety and improve the overall showering experience with the Non-Slip Loofah Shower Mat.

Orthotic Shoe Insoles

Foot Pain is very uncomfortable but can often be alleviated by inserting insoles into shoes to give the feet more support.