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Help to ease joint discomfort and reduce inflammation with JointEze. JointEze is the perfect blend of 4 essential oils and it is believed that this combination can help arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, sprains and strains, and many more.


  • Great for sufferers of arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, sprains and strains, general wear & tear & many more
  • Essential oils included in JointEze comprise of Rosemary – reputed to be good for treating tired, stiff and overworked muscles, perfect for sports people or those involved in physical work. It is also believed to help with poor circulation
    Ginger – renowned to ease arthritis, muscular aches and pains, rheumatism and sprains & strains
    Geranium – considered by ancient civilisations to have powerful healing properties, especially for fractured limbs and damaged joints
    Cypress – well known for its anti-spasmodic qualities and can be mentally grounding and stabilizing
  • Can be used in a steam inhaler or just sprinkle a few drops onto a hanky or pillow


  • 10ml


  • 40g

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