Earring Storage Caddy

Earring Storage Caddy
Brand: Home Mate
Product Code: PC04494
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Price: £8.99


Store and organise all your earrings in the folding Earring Storage Caddy. The handy caddy allows you to see at a glance what pair of earring you will want to wear. The concertina-style screen can be neatly arranged on any dressing table or folded flat to stow away in a drawer.


  • Designed to store up to 125 pairs of assorted earrings
  • See your entire collection properly displayed for easy selection
  • Also ideal for travel and holidays
  • Suitable for both pierced or clip on earrings
  • Folding hinged display screen
  • Attractive clear acrylic


  • 27 x 10 x 2cm (10.6 x 3.95 x 0.8”)


  • 300g

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