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Active Floor Cleaner

Make light work of cleaning those floors with the 3 in 1 system Active Floor Cleaner.

Blind Cleaner

The perfect tool for one of those jobs we hate and keep putting off.

Carpet Sweeper

This compact and lightweight Carpet Sweeper is the perfect answer to a quick sweep.

Disc Cleaner

Bring damaged media discs back to life with the Disc Cleaner.

Gold Cleaning Mitt

The Gold Cleaning Mitt is a great way to keep gold items looking like new.

Hand-Held Steam Cleaner

Clean all around the house with this Hand-Held Steam Cleaner

Lightweight Hand-Held Steam Cleaner

Embrace the power of steam with this portable Hand-Held Steam Cleaner.

Long Handled Dustpan & Brush

Take the strain out of sweeping up around the house with this Long-Handled Dustpan & Brush.

Manual Carpet Sweeper

The perfect answer to a quick sweep without having to drag out the vacuum!

Microfibre Radiator Brush

Clean behind dusty radiators with ease with our Behind Radiator Brush.

Miracle Eraser Blocks

Remove scuffs and stains instantly with the Miracle Eraser Blocks.

Multi-Function Steam Mop

Harness the power of steam to clean every inch of your home with the Multi Function Steam Mop.

Natural Stuff for Unblocking Bathroom Drains

Keep your bathroom drains clear and running freely with this Natural Stuff. This all-natural solution, manufactured in the UK,  is designed to break down hair blockages in bath, sink and shower plug holes

Natural Stuff for Unblocking Kitchen Drains

Keep your kitchen drains clear of grease and running freely with this fantastic Natural Stuff. Containing no aggressive caustic chemicals, this all-natural solution, manufactured in the UK,  is designed to break down fats and food waste which can accumulate in kitchen plug holes.

Silver Cleaning Mitt

The Silver Cleaning Mitt is a great way to keep silver items looking like new.

Sonic Jewellery Cleaner

In minutes you can restore the original sparkle and brilliance to jewellery and precious stones and bring back lustre to gold, silver and platinum.

Stainz R Out - Concentrated Stain Remover - For All Fabrics Rugs And Cloth  473ml

Stainz'R'Out is a multi-purpose, concentrated stain remover that is natural and fabric-friendly. Supplied from The Best Things Direct the UK official distributor.

Steam Mop

There's cleaning and then there's steam cleaning.

Washing Machine Cleaner

Remove dirt, grime and old detergent from your washing machine.

Water Blade

Ensure glass is left clean, touch-dry and sparkling with the Water Blade.

Waterless Window Gel

Save a great deal of time and money with the revolutionary Waterless Window Gel.

Window Sparkle Cloth

Get gleaming windows in seconds with the super treated Window Sparkle Cloths.