Autumn Car Essentials

If we’re lucky enough to see the sunshine this time of year – it’s not so lucky when we’re driving. While the sun is low in the sky it poses a very real hazard to drivers.

Luckily, here at TBTD we have a selection of car visor extenders which are designed to cut down the glare from the Autumn sun and makes driving a more pleasurable & safer experience. Our car visor extender is available in two colour options; grey or amber. Amber is particularly good at reducing the dazzle of headlights making it perfect for night & day. We also have a central car visor which, unlike regular car visor extenders, is designed to cut out the glare between the visors which can be annoying and even hazardous when driving. Fitted in seconds, with no tools required, the discreet Central Car Visor is a great addition to your car. Extendable to fit most models.

As we edge closer towards the frosty weather, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our brand new Deluxe Magnetic Windscreen Cover. Far superior to many options currently on the market, our deluxe windscreen cover will give your car the protection it deserves. Featuring 5 strong magnets, 2 side flaps for added security and integral wing mirror covers, this amazing cover will protect from frost, snow and ice in the Winter months and will reflect the sun’s rays during the Summer months.

Customisable Products

Did you know at the bestthingsdirect you can receive quality customisable products? We offer a range, starting from Pet Signs, Pet Memorials and Serving Platters to Mugs & Drinkware, Home Decor and House & Garden Signs.

With Black Friday around the corner, we have a number of products with a discounted price.

Do you know someone that’s always in the garage? Why not grab them a Personalised Engraved Wooden Tool Rack. Reduced from £34.99 to only £24.99. This is produced using High quality, solid American White Oak which makes the perfect back-drop for this truly unique tool rack.

It would be wrong to think about yourself and not your pets with these great deals made available, right? Why not pick up a Personalised Engraved Wooden Dog Lead Holder. Reduced from £24.99 to just £19.99. This unique personalised dog lead holder, available in chunky beautiful pine, can be used to hold dog leads, dog coats, dog toys etc and makes an ideal gift for any pet lover.

Maybe you have a friend who’s recently announced they’re getting married? Why not pick them up a Personalised Future Mr and Mrs mug set. Reduced from £29.99 to £19.99 it’s a must buy! This makes the perfect gift idea for the new bride and groom, great for any occasion like the bachelor and bachelorette party, registry gift, wedding party or an everyday gift idea for yourself or a loved one.

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But wait there’s more…

Apart from some of the amazing deals we currently have why not pick up some of our best sellers?

We all know someone that loves football, maybe a little too much…Why not pick them up an Engraved Football Team Wall Sign? Only priced at £19.99 and could be the perfect gift for Christmas! This handmade and hand painted wooden sign can feature any team making it the ideal gift for any avid football fan.

Want to eat your cheese in style? Why not purchase a Personalised Engraved wooden Cheese Serving Platter. Priced at only £19.99. This personalised serving board, available in beautiful bamboo wood, can be used as a cheese board or chopping board. It makes the perfect addition to the family table, or as a special gift for family and friends.

These are just some of the personalised products we have. Check out our full product list at the link below:

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Draught Buster™

It’s that time of the year where we no longer see the long summer days, 30 degrees weather and a clear blue sky. We’re ever so quickly migrating to a time where we expect to leave the house with plenty of layers, making sure we keep warm from the cold air. This isn’t something you should have to worry about in your own home.

Unfortunately, most doors come with some sort of gap, most likely being the bottom. This means you could be sat at home, with the heating on and still feel a horrible cold draught seeping though the door. This is where the Draught Buster helps.

The Draught Buster is a new, innovative self-adjusting draught blocker designed to prevent heat loss & reduce the cost of energy bills. This means you can turn down your heating which, in turn, saves money and the environment. “Keeping your home warm doesn’t need to cost the earth”. The way it does this is by the unique patented design of the Draught Buster, meaning that it securely grips the bottom of the door with inbuilt flexibility to close the gap between door & floor & reduce heat loss.

The most important thing is how well does it work and how easy is it to install? Well, it’s simply so easy to install, slide it under the door to close the gap between the bottom of the door and carpet/floor with no screws or fixings required. It is a much safer solution to draughts than the traditional ‘stuffed snakes’ which need to be repositioned every time you open/close the door.

You’ll be happy to know this is available in 4 different sizes – narrow and wide, short or long, and the wide ones fit fire doors. More specifically, it’s available for for door widths of 76cm & 90cm and thickness of 3.5cm & 4.5 cm, with the ability of easily cutting it to length for narrower doors.

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Spider Season Essentials

Well, Spider Season is well and truly upon us as spiders are coming indoors to commence mating season.

Here at thebestthingsdirect, we understand how this causes terror and anguish for many people, however we also understand the importance of protecting these creatures.

This is why, over 20 years ago, our innovative range of humane spider traps was born. Our Katcha­® range continues to expand and evolve and sales continue to grow, year on year, making us the UKs leading supplier of Poison-Free Pest control.

Bug Buster – Vacuum Spider Catcher is a hand held, battery-powered spider and insect trap that vacuums up spiders and insects safely at arm’s length. Perfect for reaching into awkward corners and tight spaces.

Katcha Bug – Spider Catcher is the ideal & quick solution for trapping spiders at arms’ length. Over 4 million sold to-date and still going strong!

Big Bug Catcher – Insect & Spider Trap is perfect for larger spiders and even small rodents & frogs. Traps ‘em all – big and small!

Browse our range today and find the right solution for you.

Enjoy a Slug & Snail Free Garden

Slugs & Snails are perhaps any gardener’s worst nightmare, though most will try to avoid using chemicals & poisons around their plants and crops. An unseasonably wet start to the Summer this year has seen a dramatic increase in Slugs & Snails. Here at The Best Things Direct we have everything you need to keep your garden slug & snail free, without the need for harmful chemicals or poisons.

The Slug & Snail Barrier Tape will prevent those pesky pests from crawling into your prized potatoes or precious pansies. Simply peel off the backing strip and attach around plant pots or raised beds. The natural charge from the copper will deter slugs and snails without the need for harmful poisons. Now just £2.49!

The Slug Circles utilise the properties of the copper tape and can be positioned easily around specific plants and flower beds, directly into the ground, whether newly planted or firmly established. Now just £6.99!

The Slug & Snail trap, once submerged into the ground and filled with lager, will become their favourite destination keeping them away from your crops and plants. What a way to go! Now just £2.99!

Slug Bagz™ are a simple, effective and completely poison-free solution. Simply fill with beer and slugs & snails won’t be able to resist the smell! What’s more, the bags are washable and reusable or disposable – the choice is yours. Now just £2.99!

The Slug & Snail Kit offers an even bigger saving compared with buying each component separately and contains everything you need for all areas of your garden. Now only £9.99!

Order today and take advantage of these fantastic savings. But hurry, at these prices stock won’t be around for long.

All Natural Pond Treatments

March 2019
March is the month where we start venturing out into the garden to see what the Winter months have brought. March is also the month we (hopefully) notice temperatures starting to rise, and with this rise in temperature we can also expect to see an increase in Algae growth in our ponds. Water can often appear murky and green and you may also notice sludge forming at the bottom and surface scum floating on the top.

If you have fish plants and other wildlife nearby then successfully and safely treating the issues can be problematic. Our range of All-Natural Pond Treatments are designed to tackle the problem effectively, efficiently and safely.

Greena ® All-Natural Pond Treatments

This all-natural range of pond treatments is an essential part of your still-water pond maintenance. Safe to use with fish, birds and other wildlife, these treatments will help keep your pond water crystal clear. Made in UK. Each one 500ml – enough to treat 12,500 litres.

Algae Treatment – Beneficial bacteria naturally clear green water from ponds by removing nitrates, depriving algae of the nutrients that they need to thrive

Sludge Remover – Beneficial bacteria actively consume sludge which collects at the bottom of the pond. Best to use after Greena® Algae Treatment

Blanket Weed Treatment – Beneficial bacteria naturally clear blanket weed from ponds by removing nitrates, depriving it of the nutrients that it needs to thrive. Blanket weed is a more complex algae and this formulation is compatible with all other bio-natural products in this range

Instructions for use:

Calculate the volume of your pond (Width x Length x Depth) and convert this to litres (1 cubic meter = 1,000 litres). You will need to use 10ml of product for every 250 litres of pond water. The ideal method is to take water from the pond, using a watering can if you have one, then add the required product back into the pond in stages by diluting down and then sprinkling over the surface of the pond. Do not simply pour the solution straight from the bottle into the pond.

A little bit of info about Algae (if you’re interested)

Algae are primitive plants that do not have true leaves, stems or roots and reproduce by spores, cell division and fragmentation. They develop from excess nutrients in the water and need sunlight to grow.

#WorldSleepDay SleepEze

Today is #WorldSleepDay! It’s definitely a good excuse to catch up on some much needed rest 💤.

To help we have a unique product called SleepEze that great for sufferers of insomnia & other sleep related disorders
Only £9.99 including steam inhaler