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Bee Kind™ - Bee Feeder

Attract Bees into your garden and support a struggling species. Colourful & robust, weather-proof construction that can either be hung or placed on a flat surface. 

Bird Peanut Feeder

Bring your garden to life with this contemporary, modern design, this Bird Peanut Feeder is an ideal gift for any bird lover.

Bird Table Cleaner

The Bird Table Cleaner is an effective way of cleaning your bird table of the unavoidable mess caused by feeding birds.

Bottle Bird Feeder

Turn a used plastic bottle into a bird feeder, with this ingenious little device.

Butterfly Feeder

Attract more butterflies into your garden with the Butterfly Feeder.

Butterfly House

The attractive wooden house provides safety from predators and shelter from the elements.

Complete Wild Bird Feeding Station

Invite all your feathered friends to the garden all year round and enjoy watching them feed with this Complete Wild Bird Feeding Station.

Ornate Window  Bird Feeder

This ornate, vintage style Bird Window Feeder is a must have item for all bird lovers, study birds close up from the comfort of your own living room.

Paint Your Own Bird Feeder

Paint Your Own Wooden Bird Feeders are a fun gift for all ages.

Squirrel Proof Peanut Bird Feeder

Allow smaller birds to feed safely with the Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder.

Squirrel Proof Seed Bird Feeder

Encourage smaller wild birds into your garden with the Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder.

Wild Bird Feeding Station

Invite all your feathered friends into the garden all year round with this Wild Bird Feeding Station.

Window Bird Feeder

Provide food and shelter for your feathered friends with this Window Bird Feeder