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Aluminium Bath / Shower Seat

For those who need that little bit of extra help in the bath or shower, the Aluminium Bath Seat is the ideal choice.

Anti-Fungal Shower Door Seal

Uniquely manufactured with anti-fungal properties to prevent discoloration and reduce mould.

Back Lotion Applicator

Apply creams & lotions smoothly and evenly whilst gently massaging the skin with The Back Lotion Applicator.

Bath Loofah Set

Looking after your skin is an important process to include in your daily routine, and what better way to achieve that than with this Bath Loofah Set

Bath Shower Head & Hose Set

Turn your bath into a shower with the Bath Shower Head & Hose Set.

Bath Toy Organiser

Keep your bathroom clutter free with this charming Bath Toy Organiser.

Bathroom Scales

Keep a check on your weight with these glass digital Bathroom Scales.


Quickly and easily fix loose or wobbly toilet seats.

Hair Snare

Save money on plumbing bills and prevent clogged drains with Hair Snare.

Microfibre Back Towel

Lightweight and quick drying, the Micro fibre Back Towel is the perfect handy helper for drying and exfoliating those hard to reach areas.

Multi Angle Support Grip Handle

Added support when entering or leaving the bath or shower area.

Natural Stuff for Unblocking Bathroom Drains

Keep your bathroom drains clear and running freely with this Natural Stuff. This all-natural solution, manufactured in the UK,  is designed to break down hair blockages in bath, sink and shower plug holes

Non-Slip Bath Mat

The Non-Slip Bath Mat is an ideal choice for adding extra traction when getting in and out of the bath.

Non-Slip Loofah Style Bath Mat

This non-slip mat is designed to fit in a standard bath tub, so you can enjoy the luxurious loofah-style fibres beneath your feet while also enjoying the benefit of added safety while you shower, even if you don't have a full cubicle.

Non-Slip Loofah Style Shower Mat

Increase safety and improve the overall showering experience with the Non-Slip Loofah Shower Mat.

Non-Slip Shower Mat

Enjoy added security in the shower with the Non-Slip Shower Mat.

Safety Grab Bar

Ensure your safety in the shower or when getting in and out of the bath with this Safety Grab Bar.

Shower Feet

Shower Feet sticks firmly to the bottom of your shower or bath to make washing your feet easier than ever before.

Wooden Bath Brush

Ideal for those hard-to-reach areas and for exfoliating any part of the body, this traditional wooden bath brush is a welcome addition to any bathroom.