Windscreen Cleaning Mop

Windscreen Cleaning Mop
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Clean your windscreen effortlessly, without stretching or straining, with the Windscreen Cleaning Mop. It can reach right down to those hard-to-reach corners with ease. Keep your windscreen clear and safe for motoring.


  • Pivoting Head – provides even pressure across the curved surface of your windscreen
  • Microfibre Cloth – the fibres open up to grab particles of dirt and dust leaving windows smear free
  • Long Ergonomic Handle – 40cm handle to help reach all the way down to the dash & those hard-to-reach corners
  • No need for chemicals - just dampen the cloth & let the microfibre work its magic
  • Clear your interior windows quickly and effectively with ease
  • Also demists your windows quickly when in a hurry


  • 40 x 14 x 5cm /16 x 5.5 x 2″


  • 132g

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