Windproof Umbrella

Windproof Umbrella
Brand: LA Style
Product Code: GF31903
Availability: In Stock
Price: £11.99


Fed up of getting soaking wet when it’s windy and raining because your normal umbrella keeps blowing inside out? This Windproof Umbrella lets you stay dry and keeps you covered even on the windiest day.


  • Unique, double layer construction and vents lets the wind blow straight through whilst keeping the rain out
  • With a strong and durable frame, the windproof umbrella features a comfortable wooden handle
  • Opens automatically at the touch of a button
  • Folds down to 40cm in length


  • Size When Open – 128cm Diameter (50.5”)
  • Handle Length – 54.5cm extends to 80cm (21.5” extends to 31.5”)


  • 509g

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