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Help to alleviate insomnia or other sleep related disorders caused by tension or stress with SleepEze. SleepEze is a perfect blend of 4 essential oils, each one designed to relax the mind and aid natural, prolonged sleep.


  • Great for sufferers of insomnia, dyssomnia & other sleep related disorders
  • Essential oils included in SleepEze comprise of Lavender – best known for its association with sleep and is reputed to aid insomnia and other sleep related disorders caused by tension. Also, renowned for relieving muscular tension and lifting low moods; a refreshing note to a tired mind
    Clary Sage – commonly used for calming the nervous system, particularly in cases of insomnia and deep seated tension, as well as being an effective muscle relaxant
    Ylang Ylang – believed to have a sedative effect, particularly helpful in cases of anxiety, fear and panic. Also reputed to help calm rapid breathing and reduce high blood pressure
    Geranium - helps to balance mood, lift spirits and ease nervous tension. Also believed to release negative emotions and memories
  • Can be used in a steam inhaler or just sprinkle a few drops onto a hanky or pillow


  • 10ml


  • 40g

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