Lawn Aerator Sandals

Lawn Aerator Sandals
Brand: Greena
Product Code: GA31972
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Price: £7.99


Help keep the lawn perfectly aerated with little or no effort with Lawn Aerator Sandals. Simply slip them on over your normal footwear and whilst you are walking on the lawn, let the spikes aerate the lawn as you walk around.


  • Helps improve condition of lawn - they open air pockets in compacted soil to help get water, air and nutrients down to the roots which helps to improve the condition of the lawn
  • 13 x 5cm heavy duty metal spikes on each sandal
  • Strong durable, rigid plastic base with heel support
  • Tough, adjustable straps
  • Alternative strap positions for a comfortable fit


  • 5 x 15 x 34cm ( 2 x 5.5 x 13.4”)


  • 370g

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