Infra-Red Control Helicopter

Infra-Red Control Helicopter
Brand: LA Style
Product Code: GF03275
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Price: £14.99


Spend hours of fun with this lightweight, agile and durable Infra-Red Control Helicopter. The micro helicopter is easy to fly using built in stabilisers to take to the skies. With a 2-channel, Infra-red remote control, this helicopter can provide hours of fun by allowing you to perform aerial stunts, take part in fast paced races or just explore the air.

Easy to Pilot, the remote features precision controls to give a smooth flying experiences, and the controls are so precise that you can perform complex manoeuvres with a little practice. Remarkably easy to fly the Infra-red Remote Control Helicopter will provide hours of fun (Recommended for children age 8 +).


  • Amazing Control
  • Lightweight
  • Indoor fun
  • Comes with infra-red remote control
  • Colours my vary


  • 7 x 19 x 2.5cm ( 2.8 x 7.5 x 1”)


  • 11g

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