Emergency Money Box

Emergency Money Box
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The Emergency Money Box brings new meaning to “breaking the bank”. With its awesome design, the Emergency Money Box can be fixed to the wall, just like those fire alarms some kid in school always used to set off to get out of exams! If you don’t want to wall mount it, no bother, it will happily sit on a desk or shelf like all other money boxes too. Made from plastic with a glass window, you’ll be torn between the temptation of breaking it or keeping it pristine to appreciate the design element. Either way, in case of money emergency, break glass!


  • Attaches to the wall or will sit nice on a desk or worktop
  • This great Emergency Money Box is a brilliant gift
  • Designed in the style of an alarm/panic button


  • 12 x 5cm (4.7 x 2″)


  • 100g

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