Easy Watering Patio Kit

Easy Watering Patio Kit
Brand: Gardman
Product Code: GA02744
Availability: In Stock
Price: £19.99


Make watering your plants easier with the Easy Watering Patio Kit. This comprehensive kit simply connects to the end of an existing hose pipe and the steady flow means thorough watering without wastage.


  • Simple to set up - saves water, time and effort
  • Ideal for all patio containers & hanging baskets
  • Drip watering system supplies up to 16 containers
  • Drippers deliver 5 litres per hour
  • 15cm of piping supplied
  • Complete with pressure regulator, tubing and all fittings
  • Can be used with countdown and water timers


  • 15m flexible tube


  • 510g

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