Basketball Shots Drinking Game

Basketball Shots Drinking Game
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If there is one thing the London Olympics showed us, it was the fact that basketball is not only interesting, but also a fast-paced complex game of skill. So what better way to improve on the game than to introduce alcohol to the mix? All you have to do is launch the supplied ball into the basketball net. The ball then drops into one of the two conveniently placed shot glasses. The shooter then nominates one of the other players to drain the glass. This keeps going until the shooter finally misses the basket and another player takes over. Simple eh? The ball is even attached to the game board by string to prevent it getting lost. The problem is that the longer the game goes on, the more misses will be made, creating a particularly vicious circle.


  • Kit contains mini half basketball court and hoop
  • Six shot glasses to contain your drink of choice
  • Potential to make or change the rules according to your preferences
  • Superb detailed design
  • Make the shot or take a shot


  • Height: 24cm (9.5″)
    length: 30cm (12″)


  • 815g


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